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AMP - Never Say Never (Trailer)

Apple Motion Pictures is back this year with a new venture with 'Never Say Never'.The story revolves round a young aspiring footballer and all the troubles he has to face inorder to realize his dream to play for the NT.
'Never Say Never' will be releasing this December, till then have a look at the trailer.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Letter to a Lost Friend

We shared our joys and sorrows
We'd laugh and sometimes cry
Does pain lie in our tomorrows?
Was our friendship just a lie?

You used to give me the sunshine
Your smile brightened my day
Now I find you don't have the time,
So why do I bother to stay?

My tears are like raindrops
We shouldn't have to cry anymore
Somewhere the crying stops,
If happy days were here like before.

Your dreams seem too important
Than having me around
You want me to always smile,
And wear the fake face of a clown.

I cherished the beautiful times we had
And the dreams we once did share
You gave them all up and I got sad-
To think you now don't care.

How can you say you need me,
When each day you are saying good-bye?
You don't realize, but I know it,
So why do you bother to lie?

I held on so tight;
I smothered you with my tears.
But I found out the other night,
I'm wasting a lot of years.

You know I still love you;
The love of a friend never dies.
I cannot say I hate you,
Or I would be telling a lie.

Why do we make these mistakes?
How many tears does it take?
Don't you know it takes two;
For a friendship to stay new?

I'm willing to give you a chance,
If it's worth the try.
I'm sorry if I cannot be what you want...
For I truly do not want to be shy.

Say you'll take me as I am,
For all the good and bad...
For without you near,
Eternally I'll be so sad.
By Lisa MRK


Blog Statistics

This is something i should have written about a month ago considering today is nearly a year and a month later. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, college life refrains me from keeping my blog up-to date. This purpose of this post is to give you  the stats for the articles i have written upto now.

Starting with the amount of page views- 
Pageviews all time - 5,278
Average per month - 400
Average per day - 20
As seen in the above figure my highest pageviews occoured between the months of June to September. July alone recorded to a totol of 1288 pageviews.

Pageviews by Countries

India - 1317
US - 931
Germany - 663
UK - 235
Russia - 131
Followed by Canada, Malaysia, Singapore etc

The Article with the most amount of hits was-

1,013 Pageviews

Followed by Addicted to Social Networking ,  Miroslav Klose German Legend, FC Bayern Mia San Mia and Dedicated to Meldon Sampey all managing to get 100+ pageviews. The reason the article was such a hit , was because a famous German football writer retweeted it on twitter managing to get an approx of 900 pageviews on a single day. Also a German football fansite posed it in one of their articles giving it worldwide publicity.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Current Life in Quotes

Part 1- Before it Ended

You miss some one? Call.
Wana meet? Invite.
Wana be understood? Explain yourself.
Like someone?tell him/her
Have questions ? Ask.
Don't like it ? Say it.
Like it? State it.
Want something? Ask in the best possible way to get a yes.
If you already have a "no",take the risk of getting a "yes".
We have just one life.Let's be simple and happy !!!

(Dealing with complications of having friends who are not so open as you are)

Sometimes you make me so mad that I want to throw you in the middle of on-going cars. But then I realize, I would probably kill myself just to save you

(Dealing with the multiple amount of mood swings)

Once you feel you are avoided by someone, never disturb them again.
B'coz the one who thinks, you are disturbing them will never know how much you care for them.

(Something i should have done long ago, but i still saw hope and tried to keep the friendship in existence)

If you want a good ending, you should know when to end it. Cause in the end what's meant to be will always find a way. You can only postpone the inevitable but you cant change it. So end it when its right and not wrong.

(Ending it at a right time would have atleast given me a good ending rather than postponing it and ending it on a bad note)

Part 2- The End
A single moment of misunderstanding is So poisonous, That it makes us
forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a minute

(How a single misunderstanding made me loose someone who mattered the most)

You are going to lose people in your life. And I realize that no matter how much time you spent with them, or how much you appreciated them and told them so, it will never seem like it was enough. :(

(Realizing that one day it all had to end anywayz)

When people walk away from you ,let them go, your destiny is never tied to anybody who leaves you and it doesn't mean that they are Bad,it just means that their part in YOUR story is over... :|

(Trying to make myself  realize to come out of sadness and come in terms with my current life)

Too often we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Too often we're too stubborn to say, 'Sorry, I was wrong.' Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts, and we let the most foolish things tear us apart.

Part 3- Moving Forward

"I wish you could look at me and see the person you once loved instead
of the person you have grown to hate."

In life you will realize that there is a purpose for every person you
meet.! Some are there to test you..Some will use you.. Some will teach
you.. And some will bring out the best in You. Some may cause you pain
but you'll learn to move on.! So let go of the people who can't treat
you right and hold on to those who love you and see your worth..
Because the gift of life is life itself :)

(Everyone has a bad patch in life, all we can do is to learn and accept it)

Sometimes we decide to avoid someone, not because we dont love them
but because we find that they are more happier without us..

Some people come into your life as a blessing, while others come into
your life as a lesson.

(Realizing your mistakes, learning as well as commiting to yourself never to repeat them again.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photoshop Images

Some of Amal Baiju's self created photoshop images
Rishabh Singh

Anette Dcunha

Thats Me

Kevin Crasto

Binnie Thomas
Mount Mary (Bandra)

And here is my creation on photoshop. All the new Bayern signings for season 2011-12

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adolf Hitler and German Football (Breaking the Myths)

”The day was 7th August 1936 as Germany faced Norway in the knockout rounds of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Norway was a team, the Germans had been undefeated since their last eight matches against them. However this match unlike the others was different as it had a very special guest among the stands, The Fuhrer along with his group of ministers had gone to Berlin’s Poststadion, to lend their support to Otto Nerz and his German team. It was Adolf Hitler’s first football match and was clearly trying to use the games as a propaganda and a means of gaining prestige at that time.”

Throughout history dictators have used sports as a political propaganda. Politics and football looks at how Europe’s right wing dictatorship pounced on the working man’s sport as a means of drumming up support for their personal ambitions. May it be Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy or even the Nazis in Germany. Football not only a way of showing support but also served a strategy to spread ones political influence.
As I browse through forums, time and again I have come across debates between Cules and Madristas about Franco and his support to the capital club, or even stories of Mussolini attending club matches and about how their influence changed so much about the history of their club. One question which always kept me wondering, was about Germany’s dictator and the club he supported. I had read stories about Nazis and their influence on football, be the Nazi salute or the Matthais Sindelar incident, or about the removal of Jews from all organizations. As I put this question across as well dig for answers I stumbled upon quite interesting varying responses. “It has to be Bayern Munich” said a newbie. “How else are they the most successful club in German history?”. It could be a club from Berlin, the capital club” said another. “It was Schalke, the most successful club during the Reich”, said one confidently “It has to be Nurenberg, that’s the reason they go by the name ‘Der Club’ it clearly shows their support to Hitler”. Some went on as far as finding clubs from Hitler’s birthplace in Austria and came up with names such as LASK Linz etc.
”The match commenced with Germany in control, as expected. The Germans dominated but were unable to convert their chances. Norway on the other hand had hardly managed to even cross the halfline. The young August Lenz from Germany had already missed two sitters. As Germany pressed, Norway finally found their break and dashed towards the German goal ending up scoring from their first shot on goal. Hitler was agitated and started throwing tantrums, unable to control himself.”

‘Der Club’ that’s what 1.FC Nurenberg are known as. Many in today’s time relate it to the Fuhrer himself. But no, Hitler’s influence had more to do with the city in general rather than just a football club. The term ‘Der Club’ actually dates back to the early 1920’s, when Nurenberg were simply the best team in Germany, and the name was born out of respect for the club. Some historians argue that the term was used as early as 1907, however the name was only known around the a few parts in the state of Bavaria. By the year 1919 ‘the club’ became quite a widely used nickname. Even Nurenberg’s footballers and members were referred to as Cluberer. It’s true that Hitler had a special connection with Nurenberg. But the closest Hitler came to be associated with the club was with its stadium. The Franken Stadion was used as a marching ground as well as a place where Hitler gave some of his famous speeches. Today the home ground of Nurenberg was known as the Hitler-Jugend Stadion back then. Nurenberg went on to be the most successful club in the 20’s and early 30’s. In the year 1934, they lost in the final to FC Schalke, a club that would go on to become the strongest side during the third Reich. Nurenberg would capture titles just before and after WW2, in 1936 and 1948.
In 1998 ‘The Times’ published an article, ‘The 50 worst famous football fans’ The article claimed that Adolf Hitler was a Schalke fan. The article met with hard criticism with the Schalke board even sending a notice to the magazine. The accusation by the magazine was purely based on the fact that Schalke were simply the best team during the Nazi era. Schalke’s rise to power came in 1933 just six months after Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.  In 1934 Schalke went on to win the national finals and with it went ahead to lay the foundations of a new era of German football dominance. In players such as Fritz Szepan, Ernst Kuzorra, Hans Bornemann, Rudi Gellesch, Adolf Urban etc, Schalke had the best squad in the whole of Germany (Many among them represented the German NT) Along with their style of the famous ‘spinning top’, (Schalke’s quick passing, keeping the ball on the ground and looking for a well positioned man style of play) Schalke went on to win the regional championship eleven times between 1934 and 1944. While most footballer’s were given obligatory duties for going into war, the German national coach managed to make sure his best players were exempt from such situations. (Fritz Szepan and Ernst Kuzorra worked at an airbase near Gelsenkirchen, Adolf Urban however was an exception, he lost his life while fighting the USSR in Stalingrad during the later stages of the war) Another reason to Schalke’s success during Reich era was that nearly almost every player on the squad was playing in the same team since childhood, all sons of miners or industrial workers in Gelsenkirchen. Some first team players were even of the same family. Schalke were simply the best team of that era, based simply on merit rather than influence from the higher ups.
The theories of Bayern Munich or Berlin based clubs being used as propaganda clubs are based on pure fantasy and misconception by newbie’s or some among supporters of other leagues. Berlin was the heart of football in Germany only during the pre nineteen hundreds. Other than the Olympiastadion which was used as a base for political speeches etc most Berlin based clubs were not as famous as their western or southern counterparts. During the year 1932, Bayern Munich had won their first national title. There was every reason to believe that the club from south Germany had a bright future ahead. But unfortunately for them many of Bayern’s fans, club members as well as their club president were Jews. And like many other Jewish clubs, they suffered. Their president and many members departed, leaving the club in turmoil. Bayern however stood by their Jewish members and made it clear that they were accepting orders from above only under protest. This stance of theirs made the Nazis feel that 1860 Munich was a more trustworthy club and helped the blues whenever needed. It would take Bayern more than three decades to regain the strength they once had.
Adolf Hitler, the man who grew up in Linz was not a fan of football, but the Nazis did use football as a means of propaganda. The Nazi influence on football in general ran deep. From the Austrian Anschluss which gave a combined Austrian and German National team, to the death of Matthias Sindelar or the infamous death match between German soldiers and players from Kiev . Teams were made to do the Nazi salute as well as to play patriotic songs prior to a game. Adolf Hitler believed in having firm and strong youth, hence laid greater emphasis on other sports such as boxing and athletics. Hitler’s influence on football in Germany was limited. However during the rise of the Reich, the Nazi party appointed Felix Linnemann as the head of the DFB. Linnemann controlled the DFB, from the appointment of coaches to the selection of players; the Nazi party used Linnemann to spread their political ambitions on the game. Adolf Hitler was not a supporter of any club, and was never involved in any football activity, with the 1936 Berlin Olympics being the only ever football match he ever saw.
”Germany pressed harder, with Nerz even ordering the defenders to attack. But once again it was Norway who caught Germany on the break with Isakson slotting one past the goalkeeper. Hitler could not contain his rage. He immediately rose and left, never again to be associated with football….”

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uli Hesse Lichtenberger

When i started of supporting the German NT, Bayern or the whole Bundesliga as a league in general, i used to spend alot of time surfing for articles on the internet which could catch my imagination to the beautiful world of German football. Blogs,websites,columns,forums or even wikipedia. Reading was all i used to do all day. Of writers who cover the bundesliga, three would easily stand out to be not only mine, but almost everyone's top favorite. Raphael Honigstein , Clark Whitney, and the one and only Uli Hesse Lichtenberger!!
Uli Hesse Lichtenberger
 Uli Hesse Lichtenberger was born in 1966 in Dortmund, Germany. He is a freelance writer , editor and author who writes on football. Since 2002 he has been he is a regular columnist for ESPNsoccernet.
As by now you may have already known how big of a Klose worshiper i am. And so it happened during Euro 2008, i was surfing the internet on Germany's performances when i came across a article on Klose by Uli. So much was the elegance, beauty and the method of it being presented, all i can say is that i was an instant fan of him. I ended up reading each and every article that he had posted on the soccernet website (Read his archive here) . It was like he knew absolutely everything regarding German football and the stories he presented were all an extremely great read.
Being a regular reader of his magnificent articles since then , i was made aware of one of his books published in English. 'Tor!-The Story of German Football' . Ever since 2008 i have been trying to get my hands on it, however it took me 3 years until i could finally call my self a proud owner of what i would say , The Bible of German Football. It was my 21st Birthday while i came across the availability of the book on an Indian shopping website (Flipkart). Before this the only place i used to see the book available was on Amazon , and living in India , it would be a whole lot tough in getting it here considering the extra shipping charges to be levied on an unemployed student. Thanks to Flipkart it was finally made possible , with me placing an order on 1st may 2011 paying 643 Rupees back then. It took 14 days for its arrival, but was well packed and without any damage. Within a days time i had already finished reading it.
My copy of UHL's book
 Its a must read for anyone who is a fan of German football. It doesnt matter if your a club or a NT supporter as the book carries the background of both combined. It starts of from Germany in the early 1800's followed by how clubs were named and ends with a rejuvenated Germany's exit from WC02 laying down paths for a new multi-ethnic German society.This history of football in Germany is well written, funny and tragic. There were so many things that I learnt from this. From the way teams were named and originated to stories that just make you laugh out loud and others that reduce you to tears.This book proves that there is more to German football than Bayern Munich. It shows how team rose and fell and how the game developed from an "unpatriotic" and "foreign" one into a world beater. As the time magazine described it
" Beautifully crafted...Demolishes myths with the cold-blooded efficiency of a literary Gerd Muller"

As of now i have written three articles on German football, all which have been greatly influenced by UHL's columns on Soccernet as well as his book. All i can do is be thankful to people like him through which i have i learned soo much, and still looking forward for more of his articles

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Story Behind German Club Names

Unlike counterparts in England, Spain or Italy, German clubs have a knack of adorning their date of foundation with great importance. They treat their foundation date with such reverence that it almost always forms a part of the official club name – 1860 Munich, Schalke 04, Bayer 04 (Leverkusen), Mainz 05, BVB 09 (Dortmund), Hannover 96. Many more at least carry the dates in their club badge, like Bochum, Düsseldorf, St. Pauli or Duisburg do. VfB Stuttgart’s logo read ’1893′ but not ‘Stuttgart’ until 1999. These dates mark an important era of the beginning of football in Germany.

Long before football arrived in Germany, gymnastics dominated the country. Most early clubs were created for exactly this purpose. Back in the old days, football in Germany was considered as the ‘English disease’ and only took its roots later in the 19th century. When these clubs were founded, they were never solely for football, but were multi-sport, non-profit associations offering its members sports such as basketball, softball and most importantly gymnastics. So the FC in a club name need not mean all it does is kick a ball, as a lot more sports are involved. So the date of foundation on a club’s logo need not mean that its specifically for football. So one may think that TSV 1860 Munich played football as early as the eighteen hundreds, but the truth is that it only opened a football division as late as in 1899.

Although over the years German clubs discredited their entire full name, most traditional clubs still stick to a part of it. For example take Germany’s most successful club – FC Bayern Munchen 1900 e.V. or the current Bundesliga champions BV Borussia Dortmund 09 e.V.

The e.V. stands for eingetragener Verein or registered club. For a club to play in an organized league system, it has to be officially recognized as a public sporting society, hence the e.V. Most clubs over the years have deleted it from their name long ago, Bayern Munich did this in 2000. The years 1900 and 09 mark the clubs foundation date, which is always considered a matter of great pride in Germany. Of course there are clubs currently in the Bundesliga without their foundation date, notably Wolfsburg founded in 1945. Its official name is simply ‘VfL Wolfsburg’, which for legal reasons only should be followed by a ‘Football Ltd.’ since the professional football division was turned into a company in 2001. The club badge displays a fat, green ‘W’ and that’s it. Or take the current Bayern Munich which discarded their full name mysteriously, back in 2000.

The most important part in any club’s name is the city that it represents; this is an aspect which is common for all football clubs around the world. However, it may get confusing if a district’s or state’s name is introduced in it. Bayern for example comes from the state of Bavaria, even the blue and white stripes on the clubs logo is that from the flag of Bavaria. Then you have clubs with names such as Westfalia Herne, Pressen (Prussia) Munster, Schwaben (Swabia) Augsburg, Sachsen (Saxony) Liepzig and a host of others. Coming to districts, the best example in the current Bundesliga is FC Schalke o4, which belongs to the city of Gelsenkirchen yet they choose to go by their district name or even the recently relegated St Pauli, whose full name is actually Pauli-Hamburg but so intense is the rivalry that they never ever use it.

The next element in a German Club’s name is usually an expression of a particular word – something which many teams prefer to be known as. The founders of the very earliest football organizations in Germany were middle class men, mostly educated till secondary school having a bias towards the Latin and Greek language. They usually had a taste for fancy sounding names of Roman origin. Hence, for some clubs in Germany you would find their first name beginning with words such as Borussia, Fortuna (fortune), Viktoria (Roman Goddess of fate and victory), Arminia (the bow to the Roman warrior Arminius), Concordia or Britannia (Harmony). Some Germans were eager to convince the world of their loyalty to the Kaiser, so used the words such as Germania, Alemannia, and Tuetonia in their club name. Many of these clubs changed their names post world war 1.

The most common thing that you would come across in the name of a German football club is the use of alphabets at the start. BVB, VfL, TSV etc. But ever wondered what they really stand for?
As mentioned before, many clubs in Germany started off as a gymnastics association. So usually the older clubs sport a ‘T’ in their names. ‘T’ stands for Turnen, which translates to gymnastics. Clubs in Germany can be called either a ‘Klub’ or a ‘Club’. So that’s from where the K or C originates. In their local language, the Germans refer to a club as Verein or at times Union. Those make the alphabets U and V. The ‘G’ in a clubs name (TSG Hoffenhiem etc) stands for Gemeinschaft, which means a group or a community. Also if you come across a ‘B’, it stands for Bewegunsspiele or physical games. If you find a small ‘f’ or ‘u’, it simply means ‘for’ or ‘and’. An 'R' stands for Rasensport (Sports on grass) Where as a 'L' means Leibesubungen or Physical Exercise.

Some clubs sport the color of their jersey as their club’s first name, Rot/Blau/Schwarz/Grun/Weiss, which when translating to English mean red, blue, black, green and white.

Some clubs have words such as Borussia, Werder, 1.FC, Bayern, Eintracht, Bayer, etc. The word ‘Borussia’ is a Latinized form of Prussia – a term used for naming German clubs located within the former kingdom of Prussia. The name Borussia MonchenGladbach was given keeping this in mind. The founders of Dortmund, however, picked Borussia as their first meeting location for discussing the club’s foundation. The meeting took place at a pub having an advertisement of the products of a the local ‘Borussia Brewery’.

The ‘Werder’ in the Bremen-based club refers to ‘a large piece of land next to a river’, and that’s exactly where a group of students played during their clubs foundation years. The ‘Eintracht’ in Frankfurt stands for ‘harmony’, derived from the Latin word ‘Concordia’, which means unity or as they use in modern terms, united!

Bayer, of course, is the name of the pharmaceutical company that formed the Leverkusen-based club in 1904.

The ‘Hertha’ in Hertha Berlin was named after a ship, also an old fashioned women’s name.

A group of youngsters came together and founded the first football club in Nuremberg and from then it was known as 1.FC Nürnberg. The ‘1.FC’ in a clubs name could mean three possible things – either it’s the first official club in the city, or the club with a higher importance than others with the same name and city, or the first club in that city to play in an organized league structure.

Now, let’s look at the clubs in GDR (East Germany). In the former GDR, free uncontrolled formation of sports clubs were not permitted, even the players on an elite level did not have choice of their own club. Football Clubs in GDR that were run by the government were mainly classified on the names they were given.

Dynamo – Clubs with this name were run by the interior ministry. They had a strong connection to the Stasi (secret police). The head of the Stasi was the patron of all the Dynamo clubs.

Vorwärts – The clubs managed by the ministry of defense had Vorwarts as their first name.

BSG – Clubs with BSG in their names were those sponsored by government-owned companies. BSG stands for Betriebssportgemeinschaft.

The other clubs had first names referring to an industry or branch associated with their formation. Hansa Rostock is an exception, as Hansa refers to Rostock’s former place in the medieval Hanseatic League of ports city.

A few examples:

Aktivist = Mining industry

Aufbau = Building industry

Chemie = Chemical industry

Einheit = Civil administration

Empor = Trade & Commerce

Energie = Energy providers

Fortschritt = Textile industry

Lokomotive = State railway

Motor = Automotive industry

Post = Postal service

Rotation = Print industry

Stahl = Steel industry

Traktor = Agriculture

Turbine = Energy providers

Wismut = Mining industry, specifically uranium mining

So the next time you come across a German club, having a peculiar name, you’ll know that it has a lot more to it than just being a name tag.

I have submitted the above article to TheHardTackle website. You can read the same above article here

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No no, its not the marriage ones i am talking about. Today i spent a day on the now expired website orkut. Was going through my old scraps as nostalgia moments filled my head. Anyways one feature that Orkut has that facebook doesn't is that of the testimonials, where you can write about what you think of a certain friend. Dont know what to post about and as the blog has become quite inactive lately ,so decided to share some I received on my old home website Orkut.

Lester is one of my oldest & most trustworthy friends....he was also in my class...we shared a lot of gr8 moments together....he was one d coolest guy d class.....hope v still b frnds forever......

Lester is a gr8 friend & a fantastic companion i know him since we began our schooling days..... hes trustworthy & smart as well.... i hope tht he continues to be as he is, simple and kind throught his life......all the best......buddy..

i know Lester frm a year.....he eats, drinks n sleep futball!!! hes totaly football freak lyk me!! he a simple guy who luvs watching German league....die hard Bayern Munich supporter n hard core klose fan!! i luv chattin with him......i never get bored of him......hes 1 of ma gud 4ends on orkut....really trustworthy n gud natured guy.......vry vry unique!! m lucky 2 av a rare n lovin 4end lyk u!! hope v remain friends 4ever!! may u find success in watever u do.........njoy lyf!

After being classmates for almost an year, I’ve known little bout Lester. Evaluating him was not so difficult and I guess dis must probably do it..... start wit, Lester is da most laziest person I ‘ve ever come across. Its jus coz of ppl lyk me who jhelofyd all his nakhras (lyk nt goin to da Xerox centre to collect the notes, not drawing graphs nd diagrams in da assignments by himself) so dat he could finish all his submissions on tym. During the university exams and vivas, wen all the students’ r busy studying till da last moment, I’ve seen Lester wandering around in da college corridors. A person wit marvelous power of persuasion….!! “main itni dur borivali se aata hu..” and “sun …… mera ek kaam karegi??” are his occasionally said words. He’s quite good at switching random topics and den talk over it for hours continuously. Although I used to find it annoying in da beginning but den slowly I discovered it was fun fighting wit him over silly reasons.Talking bout da academics, Maths sucks him to da core, followed by edc and ewt. He’s very much addicted to social networking. He can actually nauseate ppl by arguing on topics lyk “hw lyf in Bombay Is more royal as compared to Thane!.  At tyms, he goes quiet. But as soon he hears words such as “football” nd “Germany” , he goes absolutely crazy .These words themselves charges him wid a potential of a million volts and den u end up listening all da praises of his favorite footballer and his favorite football club. According to him, FOOTBALL is the only thing for which he has been sent to earth for. Although being an Agno….., he believes only in his football god, ‘MIROSLAV KLOSE’. But since Klose is heading towards his retirement…his den football is gonna b ‘Bastian Schweinsteiger’. All in all, a die hard fan of Klose and Bayern Munich, Lester is a football freak and also the one who told me more bout football than ny1 else would. He’s too blunt and dat makes him most admirable. He’s da one who has always been criticizing me rite from da start and has eventually been successful in bringing b4 my eyes ‘the extremely self-centered me!’ .Glad to have u !! Best wishes for ur brite and succesfull future ahead !! God bless u……!! Cheer's to our friendship...!!!!

lester...nice frnd...he's cool, loving ,friendly n extremely polite....he is unique in his own way....he also mixes well wid any person....well.....he is a gr8 guy to hang out wid....he likes to jus speak out wat he is thinking n thus he is a gr8 entertainer for all......he is also very good in his studies....but whatever he does he is all girlz out there if u looking for a nice beautiful diamond(not dat expensive) den do check him out cos he is a extremely good guy to be with...
in short 2 explain lester in 7 words n 1 letter..."HE IS COOL TO BE A FRND WID"..ester.....d sweetest frnd ive met..!!! down to earth n so aaddoorraabbllee!!!..u cn seriously fall in luv wid him(many ppl already r!!)he's bcum a lil more mad lately buh dts nt a makes him evn cute!!hs an amazin sense of fashion n noes to luk d bst!!!.....
v still hv a long way to go ...lottsa masti n funn!!hooppee....v never go apart....n remain frndz forever!!..cute frnd.. keep smiling alwayzz.... :)

 I know they write in poor vocab and sms'ish format , but thats how most of us back in the old days were.

Where art thou mister?

Oh vacations finally!! oh wait, aren't I on it for a year now? *sigh*. Its been a long time since i wrote a blogpost on my personal life so probably writing this one. Firstly nothing new in my life but however if you've been wondering where i was for the past 2 months, then its plain and simple. God damn Exams!!. The one fucked up thing about engineering is that the bloody exams last for over a month. Sometimes so much gap that its like a mini vacation, and students like me are just not able to study until we realize that we have just a day left for the next paper.Procrastination.  So what exactly happened in between?. First let me tell you a good news. In my quest of doing something creative in my boredom , i ended up submitting two articles for a sports website called sportskeeda (i know it sounds weird). My statistics for the two articles are currently at 922 article reads and 149 FB Likes.. Not bad eh? plus those statistics were only from the sportskeeda website, if you count the amount of page views i got on my blog its a pretty  good number. Anyways that's not the main reason i mentioned it. Apparently the founder of the website found the articles good enough and offered me to be a member of their 'paid writers list'.The deal was, I would be paid 100Rs for an article exceeding 700 words and 50Rs for less than 700 words. I know its less but its actually not bad if you are able to manage your studies and getting paid for a hobby you love doing. Now here is the bad news- I dont have internet at home, so that means the only time i will get to post these articles, are that in college via our cyber lab. Thats double the work. The relief is that there is no pressure on when to post or time limit.There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of articles one can post. So a big plus point for me there. Even if i manage to earn 3k in six months. i would still consider it a good deal.

In other news, my college restarts next month, that means the already existing low frequency of blog posting is to be reduced to a lot more further extent. My life in one year has changed alot. Its currently the same story but a new beginning, much that once was, is lost , for none now are the same as before. Time changes people, the ones who meant alot to me are no longer the same. More than time its distance. If you have read the previous articles about my time in Palghar, its pretty much void at this point of time. When distance separates you, you come to the realization that the feelings and bond you once shared with someone is no longer the same. Your best friend from school will no longer be of a higher priority than your best friend in college. Just mentioned it so that you get the point. Although all is not ended its not the same anymore. (ps- its not that bad as you may think of it to be. Maybe i just sound abit serious : p )

Oh and did i mention? i purchased my favorite authors book from flipkart via Germany. Uli Hesse Lichtenbergers - Tor! . Always wanted to buy it, lucky for me that flipkart existed and the book was given to me as a birthday present. Also my real sister got married. Was pretty upset for many days regarding it, will try to share that story in the next blogpost if possible. In other news Bin Laden is dead. And the other news is that man landed on the moon in 1969. Yeah America we all believe it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bizarre World of the Bundesliga

In European football, fans have become accustomed to the league titles in the different countries being won by a select few teams year after year. However, in recent times, the traditional tide has been changing in Bundesliga. Bayern Munich don’t have the same iron grip that on the Bundesliga that they had held so comfortably for so long. This season, Borussia Dortmund  with expenditure replaced with an unnerving faith in youth, have romped to the German league title. Before you get into the topic that I am aiming at, lets look back at the previous years even before the start of the league back in 1963.

Pre Bundesliga days

Between the late 1920′s till 1963,  seven different clubs had won Italy’s Serie A, eight different teams triumphed Spain’s La Liga  and thirteen different clubs were the League Champions in England. However in Germany, around seventeen different clubs emerged with national titles during the same span. Nuremberg during the 20′s followed by Schalke in the 30′s were the dominant forces during that period. However once the second world war had ended, no team ever managed to ‘dominate’ the league for continuous years.


The start of Germany’s official national league saw seven different champions in the seven different years. Starting with Cologne in 64 and ending with Monchengladbach in 1970.
1964 – Cologne
1965 – Werder Bremen
1966 – 1860 Munich
1967 – Eintrach Braunschweig
1968 – Nuremberg
1969 – Bayern Munich
1970 -  Monchengladbach
As seen above no single team was able to dominate through the 1960s. The 1965–66 season saw the promotion of Bayern Munich to the top league and in 1968–69 they won their first championship on their way to becoming the most dominant side in Bundesliga history. So those at the top just couldn’t stay, except for the latter two Bayern and Gladbach. In the same period Spain had two different winners, Italy with four and England with five.

1971 – 1980

Amidst the Bundesliga scandal, the 70′s saw two sides emerging as the most dominant forces in German football. The rivalry turned so intense, that the entire country was divided into 2 sides. One of Bayern, and the other, well lets say Gladbach and the rest of the country. Netzer vs Beckenbauer, Good vs evil etc were some of the terms that appeared on daily basis in the media regarding these two teams. Monchengladbach became the first team to successfully defend its title with its win in 1970–71. Bayern Munich became the first three-time champion with wins in 1971–72, 1972–73 and 1973–74. Borussia Mönchengladbach then turned a triple of its own over the following three seasons. After wins by Köln in 1978  and Hamburg in 1979, Bayern closed out the decade by matching Mönchengladbach’s five titles. Making the league have only four winners during this decade. In the same period , Spain also had four, Italy and England  had five.

1981 – 1990

This decade saw the decline of Gladbach. The German game became a graceless, rough-edged, brute physical contest devoid of the kinds of star players fans had enjoyed watching in earlier decades. The best German players were regularly lured south to play in Serie A by cash-rich Italian clubs. Bayern’s domination of the Bundesliga became numbingly repetitive as they took six of ten titles in the 1980′s. In total the 80′s had four different Bundesliga winners. Hamburg in 1982 and 1983. Stuttgart in 84, Werder Bremen in 88 and the dominant Bayern in the remaining years. Spain and England also seen four winners during this time and Italy with six.

1991 – 2000

The 90′s marked a whole new change in the Bundesliga. East German sides were seeded and assigned to various levels within the West German league structure, which was itself modified to accommodate the influx of new clubs. To facilitate the union with the eastern league the Bundesliga temporarily expanded to 20 clubs in the 1991–92 season. This decade  saw five different clubs win the Bundesliga. Kaiserslautern in 1991 and 1998, Stuttgart in 1992, Werder in 1993, Borussia Dortmund in 1995 and 1996 and last but never the least,  Bayern in 1994, 97,99 and the end of it in 2000. In the 1995–96 season, the league adopted a new scoring system. Teams were now awarded three points for a win rather than two as had been traditional, with a view toward encouraging more effort through a greater reward in the standings. During this time , Spain, England and Italy had four winners.

2001 – present

Between these years the German Bundesliga saw five different champions despite Bayern in  01, 03,05,06,08,10 a total of six times, Dortmund in 02 and the latest in 2011. Werder in 2004, Stuttgart in 2007 and Wolfsburg in 2009. These years seen Spain and England have only three and  Italy with four(?) . So this is where my first sentence comes to place.
Of course by the stats above, i am not trying to prove league competitiveness or by any instance try to prove which league is superior and which league is not. (we have the coefficients for that). However it does show a change in tide that the Bundesliga is having in the past few years, with the amount of different teams winning whereas the Spanish, Italian and English teams being mainly dominated by one or two forces. True Bayern have continued to be stable unlike the roller coaster ride most Bundesliga sides face , however their domination on a regular basis is no longer a threat(atleast for now).

So now let us see the main  reason i used the word  ‘bizarre’ in the heading. And lets go from Forward to backwards unlike starting from the early years as before.

Borussia Dortmund
The 90′s was a time where most Germans actually believed that the time of Bayern had finally come to an end. With Dortmund being the new German superpower, and everything seemed perfectly well for them. Dortmund’s new financial power meant that they could rival the huge salaries paid in Italy. They also became the first German club to bring back star players.And they did so in large numbers with Reuter, Kohler, Moller Reidle and ofcourse Matthias Sammer. With a world class coach in Ottmar Hitzfeld the club won two championships (1995 and 1996), the European cup (1997) and even the world club championship.Giants Bayern on the other hand had hardly won anything since the fall of the Wall. Their last cup victory dated back to 1986 and had won the league championship just once in six seasons.
However just like Gladbach in the 80′s Dortmund too failed. Bad decisions in the management seen the club suffer massive debts and were no longer able to hold on to most of their star players over the time. Staring from 2000, the club seen 11 different league positions every season. From 11th in 2000 to winning the league in 2002 , followed by another roller coaster ride to as far as 13th in 2008 to finally winning this season. Dortmund have portrayed how every new year is a completely different story in league finishing in eight different league positions since the dawn of the new millennium.

VfL Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg had played in the third division since 1977 to 1992, followed by 2.Bundesliga in 1992-93 and finally promoted to the big stage in 1997. A corporate owned club, none would ever imagine that a club that spent a majority of its history outside the Bundesliga would ever come to win it in the 2009 season.  A season before they finished 5th. And the 2005-06 and 2006-07 season saw them just above the relegation zone at 15th.  In their winning season of 2009, the league saw a novice champion for the first time since 1970, when Gladbach celebrated their debut title. (When Dortmund won the Bundesliga in 1995, it was the club’s first league title but not their first national championship.) And truly deserved the league that season. They had been nothing short of amazing over the entire season. The interplay between set-up man Zvjezdan Misimovic and those deadly strikers, Grafite and Dzeko were a treat to watch. But where did they finish the next following seasons?, on 8th and currently back to their favorite on 15th as i am currently writing this article.

VfB Stuttgart
The 2006 -07 season seen Stuttgart emerge German Champions after 14 seasons. They began the campaign with the youngest squad of the Bundesliga and were widely seen as a competitor for an UEFA cup berth. During the rest of the season the team managed to stabilize in the upper third of the table, eventually winning the last eight games of the season while competitors failed, thus eventually winning their fifth championship overall. But again, where were they the previous two seasons? in 9th and 5th position in the league table. And after their triumph where did they finish the following seasons? A 6th, 3rd and currently with one game left at 11th. So much for the Bundesliga’s merry go round.

Werder Bremen
The 2003 – 04 season saw Werder do the domestic double. Winning the league with a 6 point lead ahead the usual Bayern Munich. A season before they finished on 6th, a few seasons later they managed to be on 3rd.  then 10th, then again a 3rd and currently this season they spent nearly the whole of it in the lower half of the table. This same Bremen had been relegated back in the 80′s for conceding 93 goals in 34 games.Back in the old days Werder were better known for hiring and firing coaches however this trend came to an end with the appointment of Otto Rahhagel that they became serious title contenders.

Bayern Munich
Unlike the other recent champions Bayern have not had such a huge difference in their league position, however they also don’t find themselves the same dominating side as back in the old days where every other Bundesliga side feared to play against it, knowing they would be at the loosing end. They surely have won 7 since 2000 but from the start of the 2005-06 season they have failed to defend their titles on continuous basis , even finishing 4th in the 2006-07 edition. A season after Bayern came close to winning the holy treble under Louis Van Gaal , Bayern spent majority of their time this season in clinging on for a champions league berth. This itself makes the league extremely unpredictable.

Season 2010-2011  and how it all began

The current season is as unpredictable as the recent past. The current champions Dortmund were 5th last season. FC Schalke, a club which is currently 14th on the league table not only have reached the DFB Pokal final but also the Champions League semis for the first time in their history. A second division club Duisberg face Schalke in the cup final and if they do manage to win, will probably find themselves in europe next season . Bayern Munich which last season came close to winning the holy treble under Louis Van Gaal , Bayern spent majority of their time this season in clinging on for a champions league berth. Hannover which once faced relegation not so long ago trying to get over the loss of  Robert Enke, were this season even contesting for winning the league for a major part this season. (Should i even mention a certain Leverkusen who does this every season but never to win it)
True, that the reason for the fall and rise of clubs can be accounted to managerial changes, a departure of a certain star player or even the decisions made by the board, but has it ever been different? Back in the 1960′s, big clubs like Dortmund, Schalke, Nuremberg and Hamburg slowly and steadily began to fade whereas traditional newcomers like Bayern and Gladbach went on to collect silverware. For a large part in the 70′s the Bundesliga looked like today’s EPL or LaLiga with mainly only two teams competing for the title every season. During the 80′s it was sometimes three-tiered, with Bayern a challenger and the other 16.
The seeds of this current change in trend were actually sown back in the 90′s. Kaiserslautern for the first time since 1984 had won the league being a complete underdog even managing to ward off Bayern. The following year Bundesliga fans could finally watch their teams on television. The power house Bayern became more involved with off the field antics which really started living up to the ‘FC Hollywood’ tag. Firing heynecks first, his successor Soren Lerby only lasted for five months, and then along came Erich Ribbeck which guided the team to a horrible tenth place finish. Until they did finally do something sensible by getting Ottmar Hitzfeld. Thus the 90′s also became hard to tell about which team would rise and which one would sink. Freiburg for example jumped to third , then were relegated two seasons later. In 1998 Kaiserslautern did something really unthinkable. When the season started , they were one of the two teams to get promoted from the second division and when the season ended, they were champions of Germany for the second time in their history. Then the next season they barely qualified for Europe and more seasons later, found themselves relegated once again. Dortmund were fourth in 99, then almost got relegated , then again the same story as mentioned above and now they are champions. Schakle were 13th place in 2000, then again jumped into contention and now this season they are pretty much at the same place again. From Kaiserslautern surprise win to Bayer’s treble horror, or Schalke’s four minutes of being German champions, or the sudden rise of Hoffenhiem, or the Bundesliga has continued its trend of bizarreness and unpredictability along with the amount of goals scored and the enthusiasm in the houseful Bundesliga stadiums and the youthful youngsters, Thus making it today’s most exciting and interesting league in Europe.

I have submitted the above article on Sportskeeda website. You can read the same here

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Full Metal Alchemist - Bratja

If you have read my previous article on Anime, you may have quite have known how much I love the FMA series.  And this is not just limited to watching it, for example take the very link of this blog itself, 'ironbloodalchemist', a name of a character in this anime series (heck  I even used this as my mobiles bluetooth   name in the past). However one thing that got me totally in love with this series is the background music. Beaming sunlight, Kesenai tsumi, melessa are just some of the songs used in it. However one song that actually caught my attention was Bratja ( a russian song that translates to 'Brothers', the main theme which revolves round the series). The first time i heard it , a emotional part of the series was going on , and trust me, i actually had tears in my eyes, thanks to the background music of Bratja.This is probably one of the best songs i have ever heard and ofcourse its not as famous as the others.Thanks to the internet i finally found its translated lyrics, which goes as follows.

How can I repay you, brother mine?
How can I expect you to forgive?
Clinging to the past, I shed our blood
And shattered your chance to live

Though I knew the laws, I paid no heed
How can I return your wasted breath?
What I didn't know has cost you dear;
For there is no cure for death

Beautiful mother, soft and sweet
Once you were gone we were not complete
Back through the years we reached for you
Alas, it was not to be

And how can I make amends
For all that I took from you?
I led you with hopeless dreams
My brother, I was a fool

Don't cry for the past now, brother mine
Neither you nor I are free of blame
Nothing can erase the things we did
For the path we took was the same

How could I expect to call you wrong?
How could you be blamed for what we've done?
Both of us were fools in our desires
As we flew too close to the sun

Beautiful mother, soft and sweet
Once you were gone we were not complete
Back through the years we reached for you
Alas, it was not to be

My dreams made me blind and mute
I longed to return to that time
I followed without a word
My brother, the fault is mine

So where do we go from here?
And how to forget and forgive?
What's gone is forever lost
Now all we can do is live

(Here is an instrumental version by Taylor Davis, and American Violinist)

Reading through it, the song exactly reflects what thoughts & emotions the Elric Brothers ( for those unaware , its the surname of the main charecters in the series) are holding about each other. Quite poignant. You can listen/download it in its original Russian language here . Similarly if your a musician and would like to play the tune, click here , or watch it on youtube. Hope you will love it as i did.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FC Bayern - Mia San Mia

We are one club: Our origins, growth and history are based on the shared values of a club, which we live by today.
We are ambassadors: We have a great responsibility to conduct ourselves appropriately at home and abroad. Every player, coach, manager and member of staff contributes to the image and public persona of the club.
We are role models: On and off the field, we are role models for young people. Tomorrow’s elite sports people are influenced by our attitudes and lifestyle.
We are tradition: We boast a long and successful history, and we have significantly shaped the way the game has developed. We can be proud of this.
We are innovation: We aim to improve in every aspect of our work, be it athletic, administrative, technological or in relationship-building. We learn every day, and as one of the world’s leading clubs, we aim to set standards.
We are self-belief: We aim to win every match. We will attack with courage for ninety minutes and impose ourselves on the match. We always seize the initiative.
We are diversity: Our roots and our values are shaped and fashioned by our nation’s history and development. Thanks to our cultural diversity and the experience we gain in working with our players every day, we combine our virtues with a global perspective, and improve our play.
We are football: Old or young, male or female, black or white, Champions League or pub team, we are football you can live and share. The ‘beautiful game’ is our calling.
We are respect: Players, head office staff, the board of directors, the coaching staff, helpers and the executive committee – without mutual respect, we would never have achieved our world-class status.
We are joy: We enjoy playing, working, winning, competing, scoring, tackling, each other’s company, and team spirit. This drives us on daily. However, we also accept defeat when it happens.
We are loyal: More than 12 million people in Germany declare themselves to be Bayern fans, tens of thousands travel long distances to see us play. All for 90 minutes of passion.
We are partners: Our relations with our fans, fan clubs, members and sponsors are partnerships, but we also want to be reliable, dependable friends. We love and grow our sport in all its facets together.
We are home-loving: FC Bayern Munich is at home all over the world, but we recognize our true home base.
We are dynamic: Our history illustrates the huge energy at Bayern. It means we believe in ourselves, and motivates us for the future.
We are responsibility: We will live up to our social and community responsibility in all our dealings. We will set an example in human relations. Respect, helpfulness and fairness are our duties.
We are family: Even after a career ends, our door is open to all. We are united for life.

Mia San Mia, we are who we are - We are FC Bayern Munich

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple Motion Pictures – The Story of Robot Boy

It was just another night in Palghar. Only this time around we were completely bored and had nothing to talk about. Just then Amal broke the silence, " Why don’t we make another AMP video?”. We all looked at him with surprise. It had been a year since the last one had been made. And the prospect of being in another gasped us all. The discussions for the back ground song had began , with all pouring our inputs. At the end we all settled for Green Days – 21 Guns. And when were we supposed to begin? That night itself.
All we had that night was a 5MP mobile camera, 7 friends and  few spare candles. The shoots were completed that night and we all thought its over, little did we know that it was just a start of a very long journey. Something that would impact and change our lives in the long run.
Three days later Amal breaks out the news that the videos shot that night were not matching the format used in the movie maker software. So that meant that the scenes had to be shot all over again, only this time around, it was a whole new project with a completely different theme. Also, there would be a change in the song used. It would no longer be 21 Guns, but Linkin Park‘s – Robot Boy.
If you have ever seen any AMP videos in the past, such as Pallaavatam, Home Sweet Home , My Generation etc. You would notice that the name given to the video is that of the background song used. And in this case , it was no different. However, unlike the usual AMP videos which completely emphasized on lip sync and acting according to the background music, Robot Boy was planned to be all different. It would be made in a documentary format and it would be AMP’s biggest venture up to now. Two parts were planned. The first part would be a documentary (volume 1 ) and the second part would be typical AMP video format, (Volume 2).  And that’s the beginning of the Robot Boy series.
The shootings commenced a few days later, hoardings were made, the first part was done in our very own flat in Palghar. Each one was individually asked a set of questions about ones true career  dream. The second part of the video was shot in college, with the help of hoardings. Each displaying a meaning and its opposite. The entire shooting finished in two days.

→ Part 1 : We are back

Since it had been over a year for the last AMP video, Amal decided to make this comeback on a large scale. A separate video marking our return as well as a trailor video to the main volume 1 video was made. What better way to mark a comeback? ;)

  • Apple Motion Pictures – The Return

Name        : Apple Motion Pictures – The Return
Cast           : SJCET friends
Location   : Palghar (main)
Theme      : The video was made from parts of the footage from the supposed 21 guns video, shots from the previous AMP videos and the up coming   Robot  Boy Series
Feedback : The video generated 174 plus views on AMP’s youtube channel within a week.

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1 (Trailer)

Name        : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1 (Trailer)
Cast           : SJCET friends
Location   : Palghar (main)
Theme      : The video was made as a base to the actual release of the Main Robot Boy Volume1 to provide viewers a glimpse to the main release
Feedback : The video generated 155 plus views on AMP’s youtube channel within a week.

→ Part 2 : A day long awaited

Finally the day had come for the long awaited release of the main AMP video. A lot of publicity had been done prior to its release. It also paved way to take AMP productions to new heights with the creation of a separate Facebook Page and a separate article written on the day of Volume 1′s release. The video was finally released on 25th September 2010, and as expected turned out to be AMP’s biggest release till date

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1

Name        : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1
Cast          : Rishabh Singh , Melwyn Viegas, Nehal Gaokar , Lester Pereira, Marvin Cordoza, Darren Sequera, Amal Baiju, Wensley Saldanha, Abhilash Yadav, Irfan Shiakh etc
Location     : Palghar (main)
Theme        :  Hardships, obstacles and barriers are all a part of one’s life, but dealing with all these and yet following your dream is a whole different story.  That’s what AMP’s latest video is all about. The topic of “Hope”. Based on the music of Linkin Parks-Robot boy, the video is a small story which portrays the true dreams of 10 students and the reality we all face.
Feedback    : The video generated 513 plus views on AMP’s YouTube channel within a week, more than any of the previous AMP videos ever made

→ Part 3 : Intermission

During the shooting of Robot Boy, the Common Wealth Games were commencing in Delhi. India’s biggest individually held sporting even in history. Amidst the scandals many people showed their support to the event and AMP was not behind.

Name : Apple Motion Pictures – CWG support
Cast   : SJCET Friends etc
Location : SJCET
Theme : Our way of showing support for India’s biggest sporting event
Feedback : The video generated 80 plus views on AMP’s youtube channel

→ Part 4: Preparations for Volume 2

Followed by the successful launch of Robot Boy Volume 1 , as pre planned the shootings for Volume 2 had begun. This time however we got in more of our friends increasing the count of the crew cast to 20. Volume 2 was supposed to be based on the topic of being accepted in society, eve teasing and other related problems faced by today’s youth. It laid emphasis on the hoardings displayed in the first part. The video was made 50% lip sync to background song  and 50% acting to the scenes on topics displayed on the hoardings, such as acceptance, strength etc. A separate scene was based on each such topic. The shootings were completed in 3 days time and all that was left was for the video to be processed and released. Everything seemed to go on the right path until something happened that we never expected…………….

→ Part 5: The sudden tragedy and the change in plans

On 5th October , one of the character for AMP’s robot boy Volume 2 , Meldon Sampey met with a horrific train accident at Virar station. Emotions were high and we were all taken aback by the unexpected loss of our friend. Being a close friend to our group, we decided that the second volume of Robot Boy be entirely dedicated to Meldon. So the original Robot Boy Volume 2 video plan was scrapped and plans for the release of a completely new Robot boy was paved. We started of by collecting all old videos of Meldon we could find. The new Robot boy  vol2, was planned to be released in two parts. The first part , depicting his final journey prior to the accident and the second part a tribute video from all his friends.  Our main motto was to complete the video before his months mind mass on 5th November. By the time the start of the whole new video had begun, we had already lost around 15 days in the process. A venture(Robot Boy series) set out to be completed in a months time  had already been dragged to 2. It was now a race against time.However two trailer videos were
  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 (Trailer videos)
Name : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 Trailers  
Cast : SJCET Friends etc
Location : SJCET
Theme : Made from parts of the original shoots for volume 2, parts from volume 1 and videos of Meldon gathered. The video was the base for the two parts of volume 2 yet to be released
Feedback : The first video generated 121 plus views and the second video generated a record 702 plus views in a weeks time

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 ( Part1 – His last journey)
Name : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 (Part1 )
Cast : Meldon (as camera view ) Nikhil Malankar, Genesia Rodrigues , Vismay Kawli , Raunak Miranda. Etc
Location : SJCET college , Palghar station , Virar station
Theme : The video was shot from a first person view , it enacted Meldon’s last few hours of his journey prior to his accedental death
Feedback : The first video generated 465 plus views  on AMP’s youtube channel

→ Part 6: The final tribute

A major hurdle in making part 2 was that we wanted to expand the tribute video on a larger extent by not only getting in our college friends, but also including Meldon’s area friends in it. Finally on 2nd November two members from the AMP crew set out for the last shoot at Vasai fort where the shooting with Meldon's area friends were finally completed. With just 2 days left for the video to be processed.

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 ( Part 2 – The Final Tribute)
Name : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 (Part2 )
Cast : Meldon  Sampey’s college and Area friends.
Location : SJCET college , Vasai fort
Theme : Paying our last respect to our dear friend.
Feedback : The first video generated 425 plus views in weeks time

So with the release of the final tribute, the Robot Boy series had finally come to an end dragging for 3 long months. A venture which started as an idea , one gloomy night in Palghar, and ending with Amal handing over the Robot boy series CD to Meldon’s  family, The Robot Boy series will always remain an unwashed memories throughout our lives…

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