Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where art thou mister?

Oh vacations finally!! oh wait, aren't I on it for a year now? *sigh*. Its been a long time since i wrote a blogpost on my personal life so probably writing this one. Firstly nothing new in my life but however if you've been wondering where i was for the past 2 months, then its plain and simple. God damn Exams!!. The one fucked up thing about engineering is that the bloody exams last for over a month. Sometimes so much gap that its like a mini vacation, and students like me are just not able to study until we realize that we have just a day left for the next paper.Procrastination.  So what exactly happened in between?. First let me tell you a good news. In my quest of doing something creative in my boredom , i ended up submitting two articles for a sports website called sportskeeda (i know it sounds weird). My statistics for the two articles are currently at 922 article reads and 149 FB Likes.. Not bad eh? plus those statistics were only from the sportskeeda website, if you count the amount of page views i got on my blog its a pretty  good number. Anyways that's not the main reason i mentioned it. Apparently the founder of the website found the articles good enough and offered me to be a member of their 'paid writers list'.The deal was, I would be paid 100Rs for an article exceeding 700 words and 50Rs for less than 700 words. I know its less but its actually not bad if you are able to manage your studies and getting paid for a hobby you love doing. Now here is the bad news- I dont have internet at home, so that means the only time i will get to post these articles, are that in college via our cyber lab. Thats double the work. The relief is that there is no pressure on when to post or time limit.There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of articles one can post. So a big plus point for me there. Even if i manage to earn 3k in six months. i would still consider it a good deal.

In other news, my college restarts next month, that means the already existing low frequency of blog posting is to be reduced to a lot more further extent. My life in one year has changed alot. Its currently the same story but a new beginning, much that once was, is lost , for none now are the same as before. Time changes people, the ones who meant alot to me are no longer the same. More than time its distance. If you have read the previous articles about my time in Palghar, its pretty much void at this point of time. When distance separates you, you come to the realization that the feelings and bond you once shared with someone is no longer the same. Your best friend from school will no longer be of a higher priority than your best friend in college. Just mentioned it so that you get the point. Although all is not ended its not the same anymore. (ps- its not that bad as you may think of it to be. Maybe i just sound abit serious : p )

Oh and did i mention? i purchased my favorite authors book from flipkart via Germany. Uli Hesse Lichtenbergers - Tor! . Always wanted to buy it, lucky for me that flipkart existed and the book was given to me as a birthday present. Also my real sister got married. Was pretty upset for many days regarding it, will try to share that story in the next blogpost if possible. In other news Bin Laden is dead. And the other news is that man landed on the moon in 1969. Yeah America we all believe it.

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