Monday, March 28, 2011

Mumbai to Palghar and back again

"You can start college from next week, you need not worry about the train problem, from September onwards local trains will start,its just a matter of time" - chairman to me in august 2009 during my admission in SJCET

"Dear Students i have good news for you, i have been told that locals will be starting in 3 more months" (greeted by sounds of loud cheers) - Chairman during annual day in Feb 2010

"Dear students...." nah this time he didn't bring that topic up. lucky he didn't else i was sure to boo him this time around. (annual day 2011)

Current day - Its 11.45am,as i run towards Palghar station after my usual once a month visit to my friends who survived the torture of studies. Its a 10 minute walk from our flat in Palghar to the station. Finally as i just reached station to my dismay , the 11.55 Memo just left, and there i was with a lot of agony and hate all alone at the station with no hope but to wait for the next train...but wait! when is the next train?? 2 fucking 30!!! but wait again, i ain't a regular this time so that means i have no pass, and that also means i cannot get into the express train so i got to wait for the next one, and when exactly is that??? 3 pm!!

Travelling daily to Palghar is a huge pain in the ass, especially for the ones comming from Mumbai, it takes me a minimum of 2 hours from shutting my flat door in Borivli to walking inside the entrance of SJCET. And time is not the only thing affecting your journey, lack of trains taking you there is major factor. If you miss one train the next train is directly an hour later, and if you don't have a pass, going back home and trying again the next day would be a better option.

Usual days - 5.50am and the alarm rings, 6.40 am and i leave home. 6.50 am and i finally reach Dahisar station. Wait for the 6.54am local and off we leave for Virar, the reason we specifically travel in the 654 local is because it becomes a ladies special once it touches Virar, that means the chances of you being stamped upon by the maniacal crowd of Nallasopara and Virar is reduced by 70%

At Virar we meet up with the entire group, and then head on to catch another train, the 7.40am shuttle. We rarely or never get sitting place so the rest hours journey is spent by hanging or sitting at the doorstep, the view outside is totally awesome, a typical village type. If not outside we friends talk about college , gossips etc.. until we finally reach college at 8.40am

Our college timings our according to the train, at evenings we usually catch the 4.40pm Saurashtra (palghar-saphale-virar-borivli) or 5.40pm(palghar-virar-borivli)and if we still have time to spare we end up catching the 6pm Memo(which halts at every station). We usually forget the tiredness when we are with our friends, its only realized when we touch home and we go straight to dose off at bed. We catch the express trains but still get down at Virar to catch the locals as getting down at Dahisar is closer to our house than getting down at Borivli. when you have classes after college its worst.We have to catch the 4.40 packed train, whats worst is that the train halts between Dahisar and Borivali, so we end up getting down and covering the rest of the distance by foot, rather than waste time in a halted train. After classes i usually end up reaching home at 10 rather than the usual 6. 3o or 7pm.

Traveling such long distance may not be as worst as it may have made you think before after reading this post, the time you get to talk with your friends and enjoy is also alot of fun, we have our fair share of adventures there too. Somedays we play football in college, that time we usually catch the 7.30pm train, its empty as we are moving against the crowd, so we end up getting so much space that we could actually sleep on our seats individually.

We have our own set of good memories during train travels, its actually the place where i have made the most number of friends in SJCET, but no matter but just cant wait for the locals to start, it may not reduce the travelling time, but would surely reduce the chances of you being stranded on station for hours together.

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