Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Football Bloody Hell

It was quite and chilling that night.I just switched of the television, as tears started dripping from my eyes. It wouldn't stop. I tried console myself as I went to bed. But it didn't seem to work. We lost. The dreams had ended. All those hopes came shattering down. It was cruel, there was no justice, it felt cheated. But we couldn't change what happened. My team had lost. Lost before their own home crowd. Finale Dahome had ended in a nightmare. We just couldn't do anything about it. My dreams were in an alternate universe, where perhaps we would have won. The joy and happiness that would come That proud feeling of being a Bavarian supporter. Alas! It was just a dream. Bayern had lost. Lost in the most cruelest of ways. Lost the Champion league final. Lost a game that they soo deserved to win. Nothing could change that......
Next morning i woke up with a sore throat. The world seemed so gloomy. Unlike the other days i didn't read any match reviews and kept away from anything football related. Didnt want those memories back. 2 final losses in 3 years. It was too heavy a toll on me. Why does it affect me soo much. Why does it play a important part in my life? What has it ever given me to be soo affected by a football match? My mind was playing weird tricks on me. I even decided that from now on its the end of football in my life. It seemed to affect me for the worse. My grades were falling, my nights were sleepless, I needed a break. A long one.
Time had passed by. The euros did heal my wounds a bit. I knew I couldn't be away from football. Bayern Munich,  you have a bigger impact in my life than my own self. I've fought with friends for you. Defended you when others attacked. I just can't drop you like a hot plate. You make my heart beat rise everytime I see you play. That atmosphere in the stadium, the Sudkurve, the seven nation army. I just cant get over you.
It's been more than 7 years now. From the UEFA cup horror by Zenit to the Inter Milan defeat. From the AC Milan loss, to cruelest of endings against Chelsea. I will stand by you as i have always done. That victory over Getafe, the win over United, the defeat of Madrid, and thousands other memories that made my day. Made me cheer, made me happy, made me proud.
Our time will come, winners make their own luck. We are better than last season,  and we are here to stay. We will lift the Champions League trophy one day. The glory days of the 70's will return. And european dominance will be Bayern's again.
We believe,  and no matter what, we will always be there to support you. Mia San Mia. We are who we are. We are FC Bayern!

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