Friday, November 16, 2012


Well it's been a long time coming since an AMP release. But finally Amal Baiju is back with another one of his brilliant creation.
Spectrum is our college's annual magzine. This video is all about it.
Would personally rate it as one of the best.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nostalgia - Diploma days (Reviving the Past)

I have been to this place before. I can't put an exact number on how many times though. I take a long look at it. Never seen it like this before. We all were here a few years back and the year before those too, pretty much enjoying the "life" that we knew back then. I try hard to remember when was the last time we all came here. All of us. No matter how hard i try, i cannot remember. It seems like aeons have passed since i last saw this place. Ultimately giving up, i try hard and walk around a bit. I have a weird urge of going upstairs and meet those who may still be there but on a second thought i don't. Though i don't have the luxury of time but i still walk around a bit. Finish a complete round. Get a feel of it- AGAIN!! The sky above me is pink and crimson red in patches. It will turn black in a jiffy!! I walk around a bit. I observe the place with a completely new perspective. I realize the landscape has changed now- how this fact somehow escaped my attention is a mystery to me. I go to the centre and sit there for a minute- like paying homage to a place that is in a way holy to me.Like a shrine. The sky above and vast area around seem to be hugging me and accepting me as a part of them. The endless tides of emotions sweep me and bring a lump in my throat. I feel extremely sad and extremely jubilant at the same time. A feeling that i never entertained before. I go back to my bike, take a long hard vacant look at the view in front of me. I think the place has a life of its own and is staring back at me. It too wants to relive the past. A wish that somehow has to be quelled by taking peace in the fact that the past was worth reliving. As i said, i have been there before but for the first time i was there- ALONE. I knew it all along no one was going to show up, no one would, no one could, things have changed. Things have changed A LOT!! But i still stand here, too many memories attached to this place. It was difficult to fathom the sea of emotions in my heart. A tear rolls down my eye. A part of me was praying that suddenly everyone would show up because it was possible that i arrived earlier than anyone else. No one came on time anyway!! I told myself to stop day dreaming and get hold of myself. I am supposed to behave like an ADULT now. I am sure you are not getting a grip of what i am saying. I will try and make it a bit easier- Even a decade from today i will remember this place as the place where i completed my diploma in Electronics and Communication. For almost 3 years i suppose, it was "our college". Our "own college". Well, not legally but we came here as if it was made for us. It reminds me of "our group". We should have come up with a name for ourselves!!! We were never the best at it. Lol.  We all had our own shortcomings. We were bunch of defected people with different back ground who came together to the college canteen, and spent our entire college hours doing what we loved most. Talking, teasing and most importantly enjoying every moment of life.  I never ever attended any class  continuously. NEVER!! College was all about sitting in the canteen from morning till evening and going home only to return the next day to the same place. Keval hardly came and used to stay at home only. Whenever the mood to attend the lecture ran through us, Mihir made sure we wernt going anywhere. Tiwari was our entertainer, his stories which all knew were fake, yet we all enjoyed hearing them. Then we had Chandan our class peacemaker, Lalit and KK, the behind the scenes guys yet from group itself. And we also had others who joined us, Mahindra (our class CR), Chetan, Abhijeet , Kedar( Used to bring Second hand mobiles every month), Shival (aka Virus),Pednekar (used to carry a Pokemon compass), Vagluu (the porn addict). The list would go on and on. .My mind is bombarded with the endless innumerable discussions we had about other people, staff, life, the future , uttered those words a zillion times. This process was followed by a long walk towards 206 bustop or a food Outlet named Papa Joes .. In the end we used to depart for our places telling each other "kal milte hai, canteen mein" and no one ever came on time. But now those events are somewhere buried in the past. "A place far far away". What i am left with is tear in my eye and a smile on my face.NO matter what happened. NO matter how much we criticized each other, we always backed each other up. ALWAYS. I still remember the 1st year in college. When our class picked up a fight with a few seniors, nearly 20 of us went in a group to beat them up. So afraid they were that they negotiated a peace immediately. Also a time when the college asked us to chip in extra cash for a stolen router from another branch, in comes Mali sir and tells ''Those who don't want to pay get out of the class'', and in less than a minute the whole class was empty.  That was the bond we shared and will always do. We will ALWAYS have EACH OTHER.
I still remember that dark gloomy evening when I first came for admission Somewhere around August 2006. It was raining that day, the college looked like an old ruined apartment, broken window panes, a small hut as a canteen.  When at a time all my friends were joining Andrews and Xaviers to live their destined Catholic youth life, I on the other hand was joining a place exactly opposite. All those dreams I had seen before I completed my SSC seemed to be all but an illusion.
I hated college, I used to feel ashamed to tell people which college I belong to. The irony, is that being from the same area (IC Colony) nearly 90% of the public are unaware of the existence of that college, which included me prior to joining there. Life was fuckall for me. But like they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining. I met some wonderfull friends there. Mihir, Somil, Manish,Jayesh, Rahul etc and soo many more to name . Had good and awesome memories, the college being close to my house was a huge benifit. The first year went easy, except that I was isolated from my colony life also as usual just like school I had a rival. Supalkar our drawing sir who would always ask me questions during lecture. Hated him but most comic memories also came from his lectures only. Be it him slapping Viraj or Rahul or Ketul getting trashed in class..
Second year was tough, I was the BM Patel(Maths book author) of my class with kts in all 3 maths. Yet that too had its moments of remembrance, from the Phatak Puri fights to lectures in Ravi and Shastri classes. From Anitas lecture to Karandikars submission. From Jadhav and Mahajan lectures to Panda ordering me out of the class for over a month for telling her to take Synide for a normal headache.  Every bit of it plays through my mind when I think back.
3rd year went fast ,the Aurangabad trip, more bunking , more studies, project work etc, time just flew away.
In the end I would only come to realize that it wasnt so bad afterall. I got the exactly same certificate of completion from a third rate college than the ones others got from colleges like Thakur.
Just than I hit back to reality. The place has changed now. A new building has been constructed. Our second home(canteen hut) no longer exists. :'(
I can go on and on blabbering about what i am feeling but at all that can be said need not be said. Some things are better left unsaid. Memories do a better job of talking in such situations. LIFE AT TIMES HAS A WICKED SENSE ON HUMOR EH??

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Football Bloody Hell

It was quite and chilling that night.I just switched of the television, as tears started dripping from my eyes. It wouldn't stop. I tried console myself as I went to bed. But it didn't seem to work. We lost. The dreams had ended. All those hopes came shattering down. It was cruel, there was no justice, it felt cheated. But we couldn't change what happened. My team had lost. Lost before their own home crowd. Finale Dahome had ended in a nightmare. We just couldn't do anything about it. My dreams were in an alternate universe, where perhaps we would have won. The joy and happiness that would come That proud feeling of being a Bavarian supporter. Alas! It was just a dream. Bayern had lost. Lost in the most cruelest of ways. Lost the Champion league final. Lost a game that they soo deserved to win. Nothing could change that......
Next morning i woke up with a sore throat. The world seemed so gloomy. Unlike the other days i didn't read any match reviews and kept away from anything football related. Didnt want those memories back. 2 final losses in 3 years. It was too heavy a toll on me. Why does it affect me soo much. Why does it play a important part in my life? What has it ever given me to be soo affected by a football match? My mind was playing weird tricks on me. I even decided that from now on its the end of football in my life. It seemed to affect me for the worse. My grades were falling, my nights were sleepless, I needed a break. A long one.
Time had passed by. The euros did heal my wounds a bit. I knew I couldn't be away from football. Bayern Munich,  you have a bigger impact in my life than my own self. I've fought with friends for you. Defended you when others attacked. I just can't drop you like a hot plate. You make my heart beat rise everytime I see you play. That atmosphere in the stadium, the Sudkurve, the seven nation army. I just cant get over you.
It's been more than 7 years now. From the UEFA cup horror by Zenit to the Inter Milan defeat. From the AC Milan loss, to cruelest of endings against Chelsea. I will stand by you as i have always done. That victory over Getafe, the win over United, the defeat of Madrid, and thousands other memories that made my day. Made me cheer, made me happy, made me proud.
Our time will come, winners make their own luck. We are better than last season,  and we are here to stay. We will lift the Champions League trophy one day. The glory days of the 70's will return. And european dominance will be Bayern's again.
We believe,  and no matter what, we will always be there to support you. Mia San Mia. We are who we are. We are FC Bayern!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bayern Philosophy

A common stereotype about Germany's most successful club is that they buy their way to titles, steal the best players from other squads and make the league impotent to fight back. Many consider them to be the bundesliga equivalent of Chelsea or Manchester City.
But while the millions Bayern may have splashed out in buying the likes of Neuer, Gomez, Ribery or Robben, money alone is by no means the whole story behind Bayern's success over the years. A rather more unsung part of Bayern's storied history, is their ability to breed and stick with the talent that emerges from their own youth academy. It more often happens that Bayern field more homegrown players than any other team in the league. A routine five members of Bayern's starting eleven and nearly seven players from the entire squad cut their teeth in Munich's Grunwalder stadium, where Bayern's developmental squad play their home matches. Together Bastian Schweinsteiger, Phillip Lahm, Toni Kroos, Diego Contento, Thomas Muller, Holger Badstuber and David Alaba alone have an estimated transfer value of around 145 million euros. That's arguably worth more than any other entire squad in the league and only slightly less than what Bayern paid to acquire the rest of their squad.
Bayern's success is based on using their enormous wealth to add players of extreme worth to a core of already high value home grown players. In recent years the winner of the Salad Bowl has had a great influence of youth in their squad. Be it Dortmund in recent years with Gotze, Grosskreutz, Schmelzer, Sahin or a Stuttgart side with Gomez, Hildebrand, Tasci, Gentner, Khedira. (Wolfsburg being an exception).
Some of Bayern youth products to leave and make it big elsewhere include the likes of Owen Hargreves, Mat Hummels, Alou Diarra, David Jarolim, Paulo Guerrero, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Denis Yilmaz, Stefan Wessels Piotr Trochowski, Markus Babble and many others to name.
In the past, Bayern's policy was to bring in young talented players for cheap. The reason for Bayern's enormous wealth and its glory years of the 70's itself came from breeding talented youngsters. Be it Beckenbaur, Maier, Muller, Roth or Schwarzenbeck, all these players joined Bayern at the ripe age of the 16-19. These teenagers would one day form the core of a really good side that would go on to dominate the country and the world.
One may say that it has always been Bayern to break the banks, but the truth is that even during Bayern's most successful years, it was the other clubs that spent big. Tagged as the 'million mark side' Werder Bremen during the 71-72 season signed five established players. These players managed to score 37 goals between them. Bayern's Gerd Muller alone scored 40 goals in a record breaking season. Even Bayern's biggest rivals during the 70's, Monchengladbach purchased matured players in the likes of Ludwig Muller, Ulrik Lefavre, Henning Jenson, Allan Simonsen and many others. Bayern on the other hand signed relatively unknown youngsters in Uli Hoeness, Paul Britner or even a Karl Heinze Rummenigge. KHR was signed for a sum of 175,000DM. Inter later paid around 11 million although rumours say close to 18million.
Mario Gomez may be Germany's record transfer so far, but however if you look at the past it was the other clubs that spent huge. It was Cologne that broke the million mark for the Belgian Roger Van Gool in 1976, followed by Hamburg for Kevin Keegan in 1977, then Frankfurt Lajos Detari breaking the 5million Mark in 1987. Dortmund broke the 10million Mark for Heiko Herrlich in 1995 and Leverkusen were the first to pay more than 15million for the transfer of Lucio in 2000. While Bayern may buy players from other clubs In the same league, it pays more than the surplus requirement, as seen in the cases of Gomez or Neuer. Also acting as the good Samaritan to other clubs in any financial matters.
Bayern did not expand their empire by money, or atleast not buy money alone. Smart transfers, a good business management (Bayern were the leagues first team to appoint a business manager in 1966) and most importantly a coveted youth structure together led to their success all over the years. A debt free institution and a role model for many clubs to follow.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Letter to the World

By Joel Mozhumannil

This world, if u start talking about it, you will never end with your complaints and cry because such cruel, brutal and atrocious this world is. Every single person is interested about his or hers own motives and benefits. No one cares about anyone anymore. People have become selfish and ruthless trying to suck your blood everytime they get an opportunity. No one cares about anyone and all are running to just satisfy their own desires and wants without even thinking about what the other person might feel by his rude actions and behaviour.
First time in my life i am trying my hand at writing an article. Not just because others are writing i am inspired by them,but i have reached a point in my life where the frustration, the agony,the anguish has overpowered me to drive me into this unexpecting state of distress. This world,if u start talking about it,you will never end with your complaints and cry because such cruel, brutal and atrocious this world is. Every single person is interested about his or her's own motives and benefits. No one cares about anyone anymore. People have become selfish and ruthless trying to suck your blood everytime they get an opportunity. No one cares about anyone and all are running to just satisfy their own desires and wants without even thinking about what the other person might feel by his rude actions and behaviour. The phrase 'I am SHORT TEMPERED' has become so stereotyped nowadays between this current youth generation and caused serious problems to our family and friends. Attitude and ego,the two most dreaded things have  created a hell lot of problems and tensions for the innocent and blameless people surrounding them. People are fighting and crying even for the smallest of reasons which after a while they feel was foolish and absurd of them.
The love and harmony that was there before is no longer seen. All are fuking busy in their own creepy world. But the pain through which the honest and sincere people go through is uncountable and this excruciating pain helps them to rise from the ashes and emerge victorious even in the hardest of situations.
Darkness and ignorance have bounded the sense of discerning, the power to grasp and to comprehend  things. Having a fake perception about things has created a lot of problems and confusion among each and every person. The general habit of assuming things has caused misunderstandings and rifts between us. That sucky feeling engulfs  your mind when no one in this whole world tries to understand your problem.
O GOD,save me from the hands of people who are behind my life trying to destroy it.please restore peace and love in this cruel world and make this world a better place to live in.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shackles of Sadness

Have you heard of sumthing very noisy and attractive, cheerfull and full of laughter outside but. . . . . Yet silent, locked, damaged and shattered but yet significant from within inside? If Not, then take a trip into my Heart and find out the real definition of sadness, heartbreak, how miserable it could feel, uncertainities of life and hopelessness. This sure, is most of  the individuals life in todays world. A Big screen of the cheerful world on the outer side while being the quietest of all in the corner of the  world in my own heart. Those broken pieces of missing someone ,sumthings of life that meant too much to us  but got nothing back. Life reaches a standstill in total darkness. Wonder how this darkness will ever reach the sunlight of future happiness. Its like you cannot see the light even when its there ; For the darkness that surrounds us is so thick that its suppressin all rays of hope and belief, trust , honesty and loyalty.
The past that has taken a hard outcome to even start trusting people that tell you that they mean much to you or care for you.  They sure do care! But no one reaches the  goal post to the end. So why waste "YOUR" true feelings for sumone who cant stick true, right from the start to the end ? No more blind belief and no more of  trusting their mind setup. Making you feel like your in the "Land of Nowhere." Wishing this was an unconscious experience. Would kill half of  whats been dying in there. A soul left chained wandering with shackles of oppression. Please free me for a moment ! Let me breathe new life out there ! Hoping sumday there'll be some one who travels by giving it her all for me, removes the thick blanket of darkness and gets the sunlight out forever; NOT for  TEMPORARY OR FAKE SAKE. But somebody that's ready to stand by you for ever always. Right from the start to the journey of "Our End". Ready to give it her all and never leave my side uptill "Our End." "Acceptance" and "True Love" is what happiness lies under. Yet, this shackled life  yearns for just 'Eternal Happiness.'
This World's a Mean Life !

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trip to Matheran

I'd been planning this trip for a long time now. Finally decided to fullfill it with my college group. After dealing with a lot of troubles finally decided to leave for the trip on 14th June. Due to girls being with us, had to limit the trip to a day stay only. We were 10 of us for the trip. 6 boys and 4 girls. The whole trip was planned according to train timings based on the Android app 'M-indicator'. As one of our team mate was arriving on the same day to Mumbai from another one of her trip, had to adjust the time accordingly to leave a bit late.
So the day had finally arrived. Me and my class mates met at Borivli station at 8.15 am. The 10 of us than caught the 8.36am Borivali-ChurchGate fast. The train was crowded as usual being peak time. We reached Dadar station by 920am. The trains to Neral arrive on platform number 4 on the Central Railway side. These trains are Karjat bound locals and there is only one train arriving every hour so the trip mainly was based on the train timings. The local we caught was the 9.44am from CST. We reached Neral by 11.10 am. As expected we did not get the toy train as the bookings for it had to be done atleast 3 days in advance. The ticket to Neral from Borivli was 21 rupees. The same was paid by a friend coming from Mira-Road. As soon as you reach Neral you will be hoaded by agents telling you to book the hotel they are offering. Trust me, no matter what they say or however convincing they sound, don't listen to them. They may try to trick you showing pics of the hotel stay they are offering but it's all a farce. Directly make your way to the taxi stand on the east and take a cab to Dasturi park. The cost of the cab is 60rupees per person. We were dropped at the entrance of matheran where there was a ticket counter. Every tourist is made to pay a 40 rupees toll to enter Matheran. Once our group made it there, we decided to walk along the tracks to reach upto the main city. The walk was long and tiring(for the girls atleast). The walk was one of the best trekking experience I ever had (still nothing compared to Munnar though). It was 2.5 km long and took us around 1.30mins to get there. Counting time wasted in photo sessions and all. We finally made our way to Matheran station. Remember If your walking along the tracks, don't exit through the railway stations main exist as you may be asked to show the toll ticket to the guard standing there. Make your exit towards the main road before reaching there. The best way to travel around Matheran is by foot only. The horse charges are too high. We stayed at a cottage. 2 rooms for 10 people interconnected for 3k. Being a cottage ,we had ample amount of space as a varanda up front. Checked in at 'Sai-Hit' , freshened up and had food at the hotel opposite our cottage. The quality of food was pretty poor there. By the time we had finished our food it was already 4pm. We set out on a walk towards the nearest points. The first being Khandala point. And made our way all the way around till echo point, covering a lot of points on the way . The dried up charolette lake was probably the best place we found considering we sat there for a long time resting behind the mountain mud checking out the beautiful view nature had to offer. It is advisable to actually carry a torch as street lights are rare. And the trip back to the hotel in that unknown land was quite a scare to the girls atleast. We returned back in darkness finding our way asking lonely houses along the road. After nearly an hour of walking finally reached the main market area. There is not much to shop at Matheran. You have chikki, hats, fudges or footware to choose from. We reached our hotel back at 10pm and immediately freshened up and left for dinner. Being a week day, the hotels and shops close down by 11 max. Moreover it wasn't even season time. The hotel we went this time had much better food to offer. It was on the main market street. I fail to recall the name now but it was the next hotel near to 'Pramod Bar' (the only bar in Matheran). Atleast that makes it easier to remember things. Most money that we actually spent at Matheran was actually for water. Being 10 of us, I wonder how much bottles we actually needed. Its more suitable to purchase that 30rs mineral water. The rest of the night was spent sitting at the varanda outside our cottage and talking about life and college. We slept at around 5 and woke up the next day at 9. There was a bit of water problem at our hotel, so remember to confirm that properly with the hotel staff before checking in. Since most of the girls not being able to walk more citing their body pain and other lame excuses, decided to walk to only one point that morning. We checked out of our hotel room around 11, had our brunch at the same place where we had our dinner last night and made our way towards monkey point. It was also long walk but the good thing was that it was on the same way towards our taxi stand at Dasturnaka. On the way back it began to rain heavily. Soaked, we made our way through the forest and finally caught a cab reaching Neral station at 2pm. We took the 2.15pm train to Dadar and by 6pm we all had reached home. Early,I know but trust me, there is not much different places to see at Matheran. Its all pretty much the same, with just different view points. It'a more about the weather. Overall the trip was a success, we had our fare share of action, drama as well as got to spend good time with the ones we love. I had planned it well so luckily everything went according to plan. The main concern being to make it according to the train timings.

Here is the list to my original plan. However we had to catch the later trains one of our member made it late. It could be helpful if you ever plan to make a similar trip with your group.
Trip timetable
Destination- Matheran Date-15th-16th June
Cost- Travelling,Food Staying(Depends on personal expenditure) Discription:- DAY 1 -Meet at Borivli-6.45am ( Better Don't be late) OR Directly at.. -Dadar by 730am.
-Catch 7.48am train to Neral.
-Reach Neral at 930am.
-Choose between train,Cab or walk to Matheran. -Catch max. 2 hours to reach matheran
-Reach Matheran by 11.30am
-Check in at a hotel -Roam whole day. Enjoy
-Check out of hotel by 9am.
-Roam, sight seeing
-Leave at 4.10pm
-Reach Nerul by 6.10pm. -Train to dadar at 6.37pm -Reach Dadar at 810pm.
-Back home by max 930pm. (Considering any delays on return trip)
-Everything is planned depending on train timings exactly. DON'T  BE LATE.
- Only one train is available every one hour to Neral. So better DON'T BE LATE.
- Try to make your luggage as less as possible. There is allot of traveling to do. Less the luggage, easier the travel. -Carry a torch(for treks), personal basic medical necessity(if required),Your own personal Snacks etc. Maximum water you can carry. Umbrella ,windsheeter etc for the rain.
- The room rent could be high, so do remember to carry extra cash in case of emergency Ciao
As you see, everything was planned well before making the trip. On anyother day, I would tell you that unplanned trips are the best to enjoy. But once again, taking the girls into consideration, this part was necessary. But none the less, it was a journey to remember. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Season's Ended

Im back. Finally I'm back. And not just back. I'm here to stay. Been a long time for me . I know. Life's been busy. Very very busy. I usually used to manage atleast one post a month, but its been months since I've managed that too. Alot has happened recently. The most important of all is that I've learnt to carry on with life. Accepted facts and moved on from my toughest time. Made new friends, made up with the lost, sorted relationships, met someone special, had wonderful moments and most importantly, grown up in maturity where attachments are concerned. It's true what my friend once told me, ''You may cry for somethings others find unreasonable today, tomorrow thinking back you will be the one laughing at it''. When you think of the happy moments or memories that made you smile at one time, you will cry realizing or missing those moments. When you look back at the reasons that made you cry, you will think to your self that you were too stupid to make that happen. Just never forget two faces in your whole Life, the who held your hand in difficult times & the other who left you alone to face it. Life's a journey. We all have our destiny pre-written. All we have have to do learn when to chose the right path. Skipping the emotional torture all I can say about this post is that the seasons ended. I'm back to the beginning. Only a different year. I cannot disclose much about my personal life on a blog. All I can say is that I've got another year of loneliness and discouragement to face, just like the year when I started writing this blog. I don't know how much of my friends I be in contact with, I just hope I am never forgotten by them. This season I had in life, will surely be the most memorable one I had in life. Its just unfortunate that I wasn't able to keep up with it. But this blog is something I would surely do.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Friendship Paradox


Aren't friends a necessity in life? Assume yourself without any true and sincere friend.
How would you feel at places like Mc Donald's or a Pizza hut? What would you do with your cell ?? What about parties or hangouts ?? Think about events like your birthday or any reason worth celebrating. Who'll ask you about your worries. .?? Who's gonna tell you about their mood swings ?? Who'll tease you pairing with others? Who'll care, miss & irritate you?
These are sum out of many reasons why life wouldn't have been a lovable mess. The connection you feel goes beyond any words of description. A bond that makes it feel a divine intervention.
But what if you had to always live with this fear, that the people you loved the most, cared the most, the friends who really matter to you are at one point of time going to leave you? Your best friend from school, is not going to be your best friend in college and your best friend from your college life isn't going to be your best buddy during your working life. Unless destiny has been kind enough to land you both in the same college or work as the previous. Priorities change, people change, and at one point of time, no matter how much you may have told the person you love them,or been attached to them , or appreciated them, they are going to leave you. And you can do nothing about it rather than just accept the fact that he or she is gone, and to get over it. They say that fear or depression is the only emotion which is completely negative but can bring about positive results. Its an emotion which rips your heart to shreds but keeps you more alive than any other point of your life. The event of losing someone who really matters to you, maybe a friend, a lover, or family is a defining characteristic which helps in altering, for better or for the worse, the butterfly effect that follows can change the life of a man forever.
You learn from your mistakes in the past, you understand where you went wrong. The reasons why you lost them. So the next time you ever fall in love again or have a special friend you don't want to lose, you will remember the lessons you learnt from the past and put forth the new you, someone different and some one more understanding. And no matter what, never hesitate to take responsibility of your mistakes, cause  too often we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Too often we're too stubborn to say, 'Sorry, I was wrong.' Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts, and we let the most foolish things tear us apart, for single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous, that it makes us forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a minute.
So stop making life more complicated than it already is and speak out what's really there in your heart. When you miss some one; Call them. If you wanna meet someone; Invite them. If you want to  be understood; Explain yourself. If you like someone;tell him/her. If you have questions; Ask them. Don't like it ? Say it. Like it? State it. Want something? Ask in the best possible way to get a yes.
If you already have a "no",take the risk of getting a "yes".
We have just one life.Let's be simple and happy!! Cause in life you will realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet.! Some are there to test you..Some will use you.. Some will teach you.. And some will bring out the best in You. Some may cause you pain but you'll learn to move on.! So let go of the people who can't treat you right and hold on to those who love you and see your worth...
So keep hope from people, but never have expectations.
For as you grow up, you will learn that even the person who wasn't supposed to ever let you down, probably will.
You will have your heart broken probably more than once & it's harder everytime. Then you yourself will break hearts too,so remember how it felt when yours was broken.
You will fight with your best friend. You will cry because time is passing fast,& you will eventually lose someone you love.
Nothing is permanent. Only memories last forever.
So click a lot of pictures, laugh a lot, and love like you've never been hurt because  every 60 seconds you spend upset is a min. of happiness you'll never get back.
Don't be afraid that your life will end; rather be afraid that it will never begin again. Cause the gift of life, is life itself.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photoshop images 2

I downloaded a software from the Android market which allows you to perform the same tasks as Adobe does for you on the PC. The name is 'Colour Touch', and would suggest it as a must download for picture editing freaks

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apple Motion Pictures - Never Say Never

''Never Say Never'' is finally out on YouTube. 2011's AMP release . A story of a aspiring footballer and the obstacles he faces to live up to his dream. 

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