Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FC Bayern - Mia San Mia

We are one club: Our origins, growth and history are based on the shared values of a club, which we live by today.
We are ambassadors: We have a great responsibility to conduct ourselves appropriately at home and abroad. Every player, coach, manager and member of staff contributes to the image and public persona of the club.
We are role models: On and off the field, we are role models for young people. Tomorrow’s elite sports people are influenced by our attitudes and lifestyle.
We are tradition: We boast a long and successful history, and we have significantly shaped the way the game has developed. We can be proud of this.
We are innovation: We aim to improve in every aspect of our work, be it athletic, administrative, technological or in relationship-building. We learn every day, and as one of the world’s leading clubs, we aim to set standards.
We are self-belief: We aim to win every match. We will attack with courage for ninety minutes and impose ourselves on the match. We always seize the initiative.
We are diversity: Our roots and our values are shaped and fashioned by our nation’s history and development. Thanks to our cultural diversity and the experience we gain in working with our players every day, we combine our virtues with a global perspective, and improve our play.
We are football: Old or young, male or female, black or white, Champions League or pub team, we are football you can live and share. The ‘beautiful game’ is our calling.
We are respect: Players, head office staff, the board of directors, the coaching staff, helpers and the executive committee – without mutual respect, we would never have achieved our world-class status.
We are joy: We enjoy playing, working, winning, competing, scoring, tackling, each other’s company, and team spirit. This drives us on daily. However, we also accept defeat when it happens.
We are loyal: More than 12 million people in Germany declare themselves to be Bayern fans, tens of thousands travel long distances to see us play. All for 90 minutes of passion.
We are partners: Our relations with our fans, fan clubs, members and sponsors are partnerships, but we also want to be reliable, dependable friends. We love and grow our sport in all its facets together.
We are home-loving: FC Bayern Munich is at home all over the world, but we recognize our true home base.
We are dynamic: Our history illustrates the huge energy at Bayern. It means we believe in ourselves, and motivates us for the future.
We are responsibility: We will live up to our social and community responsibility in all our dealings. We will set an example in human relations. Respect, helpfulness and fairness are our duties.
We are family: Even after a career ends, our door is open to all. We are united for life.

Mia San Mia, we are who we are - We are FC Bayern Munich

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple Motion Pictures – The Story of Robot Boy

It was just another night in Palghar. Only this time around we were completely bored and had nothing to talk about. Just then Amal broke the silence, " Why don’t we make another AMP video?”. We all looked at him with surprise. It had been a year since the last one had been made. And the prospect of being in another gasped us all. The discussions for the back ground song had began , with all pouring our inputs. At the end we all settled for Green Days – 21 Guns. And when were we supposed to begin? That night itself.
All we had that night was a 5MP mobile camera, 7 friends and  few spare candles. The shoots were completed that night and we all thought its over, little did we know that it was just a start of a very long journey. Something that would impact and change our lives in the long run.
Three days later Amal breaks out the news that the videos shot that night were not matching the format used in the movie maker software. So that meant that the scenes had to be shot all over again, only this time around, it was a whole new project with a completely different theme. Also, there would be a change in the song used. It would no longer be 21 Guns, but Linkin Park‘s – Robot Boy.
If you have ever seen any AMP videos in the past, such as Pallaavatam, Home Sweet Home , My Generation etc. You would notice that the name given to the video is that of the background song used. And in this case , it was no different. However, unlike the usual AMP videos which completely emphasized on lip sync and acting according to the background music, Robot Boy was planned to be all different. It would be made in a documentary format and it would be AMP’s biggest venture up to now. Two parts were planned. The first part would be a documentary (volume 1 ) and the second part would be typical AMP video format, (Volume 2).  And that’s the beginning of the Robot Boy series.
The shootings commenced a few days later, hoardings were made, the first part was done in our very own flat in Palghar. Each one was individually asked a set of questions about ones true career  dream. The second part of the video was shot in college, with the help of hoardings. Each displaying a meaning and its opposite. The entire shooting finished in two days.

→ Part 1 : We are back

Since it had been over a year for the last AMP video, Amal decided to make this comeback on a large scale. A separate video marking our return as well as a trailor video to the main volume 1 video was made. What better way to mark a comeback? ;)

  • Apple Motion Pictures – The Return

Name        : Apple Motion Pictures – The Return
Cast           : SJCET friends
Location   : Palghar (main)
Theme      : The video was made from parts of the footage from the supposed 21 guns video, shots from the previous AMP videos and the up coming   Robot  Boy Series
Feedback : The video generated 174 plus views on AMP’s youtube channel within a week.

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1 (Trailer)

Name        : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1 (Trailer)
Cast           : SJCET friends
Location   : Palghar (main)
Theme      : The video was made as a base to the actual release of the Main Robot Boy Volume1 to provide viewers a glimpse to the main release
Feedback : The video generated 155 plus views on AMP’s youtube channel within a week.

→ Part 2 : A day long awaited

Finally the day had come for the long awaited release of the main AMP video. A lot of publicity had been done prior to its release. It also paved way to take AMP productions to new heights with the creation of a separate Facebook Page and a separate article written on the day of Volume 1′s release. The video was finally released on 25th September 2010, and as expected turned out to be AMP’s biggest release till date

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1

Name        : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 1
Cast          : Rishabh Singh , Melwyn Viegas, Nehal Gaokar , Lester Pereira, Marvin Cordoza, Darren Sequera, Amal Baiju, Wensley Saldanha, Abhilash Yadav, Irfan Shiakh etc
Location     : Palghar (main)
Theme        :  Hardships, obstacles and barriers are all a part of one’s life, but dealing with all these and yet following your dream is a whole different story.  That’s what AMP’s latest video is all about. The topic of “Hope”. Based on the music of Linkin Parks-Robot boy, the video is a small story which portrays the true dreams of 10 students and the reality we all face.
Feedback    : The video generated 513 plus views on AMP’s YouTube channel within a week, more than any of the previous AMP videos ever made

→ Part 3 : Intermission

During the shooting of Robot Boy, the Common Wealth Games were commencing in Delhi. India’s biggest individually held sporting even in history. Amidst the scandals many people showed their support to the event and AMP was not behind.

Name : Apple Motion Pictures – CWG support
Cast   : SJCET Friends etc
Location : SJCET
Theme : Our way of showing support for India’s biggest sporting event
Feedback : The video generated 80 plus views on AMP’s youtube channel

→ Part 4: Preparations for Volume 2

Followed by the successful launch of Robot Boy Volume 1 , as pre planned the shootings for Volume 2 had begun. This time however we got in more of our friends increasing the count of the crew cast to 20. Volume 2 was supposed to be based on the topic of being accepted in society, eve teasing and other related problems faced by today’s youth. It laid emphasis on the hoardings displayed in the first part. The video was made 50% lip sync to background song  and 50% acting to the scenes on topics displayed on the hoardings, such as acceptance, strength etc. A separate scene was based on each such topic. The shootings were completed in 3 days time and all that was left was for the video to be processed and released. Everything seemed to go on the right path until something happened that we never expected…………….

→ Part 5: The sudden tragedy and the change in plans

On 5th October , one of the character for AMP’s robot boy Volume 2 , Meldon Sampey met with a horrific train accident at Virar station. Emotions were high and we were all taken aback by the unexpected loss of our friend. Being a close friend to our group, we decided that the second volume of Robot Boy be entirely dedicated to Meldon. So the original Robot Boy Volume 2 video plan was scrapped and plans for the release of a completely new Robot boy was paved. We started of by collecting all old videos of Meldon we could find. The new Robot boy  vol2, was planned to be released in two parts. The first part , depicting his final journey prior to the accident and the second part a tribute video from all his friends.  Our main motto was to complete the video before his months mind mass on 5th November. By the time the start of the whole new video had begun, we had already lost around 15 days in the process. A venture(Robot Boy series) set out to be completed in a months time  had already been dragged to 2. It was now a race against time.However two trailer videos were
  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 (Trailer videos)
Name : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 Trailers  
Cast : SJCET Friends etc
Location : SJCET
Theme : Made from parts of the original shoots for volume 2, parts from volume 1 and videos of Meldon gathered. The video was the base for the two parts of volume 2 yet to be released
Feedback : The first video generated 121 plus views and the second video generated a record 702 plus views in a weeks time

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 ( Part1 – His last journey)
Name : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 (Part1 )
Cast : Meldon (as camera view ) Nikhil Malankar, Genesia Rodrigues , Vismay Kawli , Raunak Miranda. Etc
Location : SJCET college , Palghar station , Virar station
Theme : The video was shot from a first person view , it enacted Meldon’s last few hours of his journey prior to his accedental death
Feedback : The first video generated 465 plus views  on AMP’s youtube channel

→ Part 6: The final tribute

A major hurdle in making part 2 was that we wanted to expand the tribute video on a larger extent by not only getting in our college friends, but also including Meldon’s area friends in it. Finally on 2nd November two members from the AMP crew set out for the last shoot at Vasai fort where the shooting with Meldon's area friends were finally completed. With just 2 days left for the video to be processed.

  • Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 ( Part 2 – The Final Tribute)
Name : Apple Motion Pictures – Robot Boy Volume 2 (Part2 )
Cast : Meldon  Sampey’s college and Area friends.
Location : SJCET college , Vasai fort
Theme : Paying our last respect to our dear friend.
Feedback : The first video generated 425 plus views in weeks time

So with the release of the final tribute, the Robot Boy series had finally come to an end dragging for 3 long months. A venture which started as an idea , one gloomy night in Palghar, and ending with Amal handing over the Robot boy series CD to Meldon’s  family, The Robot Boy series will always remain an unwashed memories throughout our lives…

Friday, April 22, 2011

Apple Motion Pictures - My Generation

Another crazy video by Apple Motion Pictures. Its over a year old, but surely one of my favorites. Shot at our place in Palghar.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addicted to Social Networking

Twitter, Orkut, Facebook,Blogger or any other established site….. name it all and your bound to find my profile there. There would be rarely any social networking website where you wouldn’t find a profile of mine. I spend a minimum of 10 hours a day on the internet. And this addiction story goes all the way back to my first year in diploma (2007)
After completing ones SSC, joining orkut was a trend back in those days , in order to keep in  touch with old friends, back then it was the only purpose to use orkut.When gprs had just been launched, i was probably one of its earliest customers. I used to have dolphin sim back then. One fine day, i open Orkut, check scraps , log out, then came a shocker, when i checked my balance, 25 bucks had been deducted from my balance for a 5 minute internet sortie. Now at that time i was pretty addicted to orkut and spending 25 rupees for an hour’s session at the cyber seemed pretty costly. At that same time Airtel had just come out with a scheme called Net on Phone (NOP) where the user had to pay just 2 bucks a day for unlimited browsing. Just in a matter of days i had already switched to Airtel, activating that scheme. And from there began my addiction to the internet in general.

2 rupees a day meant that one could be online the entire day. Orkut now for me was not just been about checking scraps and keeping contacts, I was more involved in communities. Being a football fan, I regularly visited footballing communities and took part in discussions and met many people like me who shared the same passion. There communities I regularly posted were the UEFA Champions League and Bayern Munich.
Eating food , walking on the streets, lectures..it didn’t matter where , my eyes were always fixed on my mobile screen. It was as if i had 2 lives, a virtual one and the real world. i was so engrossed into orkut that i had pretty much earned the nickname ‘orkut boy’ by a few of my diploma friends.
I gained a lot of knowledge about my passions, hobbies and other interests by regularly taking part in online discussions, quizzes, debates and most importantly-football banter. As time passed, I had quite made my name as a quality poster and pretty much loved my virtual world. I even managed to become the moderator in one of Orkut’s biggest football community – the UCL, after the hacking wars(where i had my fair share of adventure) between India and Pakistan.(Its a very long story so i wont go much into it)
As time passed, Airtel had completely scrapped NOP for other schemes like Airtel Live( 7Rs/day) and Mobile Office(15Rs/day). For some weird reason, my scheme never got cut although two other of my friends having the same NOP scheme lost theirs (lucky me). What’s more surprising, is that my balance stop getting deducted. So now i had free 24*7 browsing and also learnt a lot new tricks as time passed enabling me to have unlimited downloading. What else could one possibly ask for? But that too was just another reason for the addiction to increase. I had so much time on my hands that i began joining many other websites.
By the time i had reached My Degree College. Orkut was on a steady decline with Facebook becoming the new trend. As usual, it was no different for me. Facebook was alot better than orkut, had way better features than orkut anyday, but no matter how good it was it can never bring back the good old nostalgic orkut days. I later even went on to make an account on twitter. As orkut and facebook are for your classmates, twitter for people , you’d wish were your class mates. Its been 5 years now since i have been a NOP user, and the addiction still remains  have no idea how long more would i get to use this sim. Its rusted to such an extent that its beyond repair.

Every morning the first thing i do when i wake up, is to check FB for notifications or Twitter for replies. A day without internet, makes me totally restless and the feeling where you don’t really know what to do! There have been ample times my friends talk about how i would have been a topper if not for my head to be stuck in my cell the whole day. Which is certainly true,  I just hope that when this scheme finally comes to an end, i be able to cope over it As for now…….I am still a social networking addict !!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Locals from Dhanu to Virar will start from 2nd April

Its a prank i played on 1st April by sharing this link on facebook, with only the above part visible. The website Statistics page reported over 50 plus views on this page .Some of my many friends who fell for it :D

The post i shared on FB

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