Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addicted to Social Networking

Twitter, Orkut, Facebook,Blogger or any other established site….. name it all and your bound to find my profile there. There would be rarely any social networking website where you wouldn’t find a profile of mine. I spend a minimum of 10 hours a day on the internet. And this addiction story goes all the way back to my first year in diploma (2007)
After completing ones SSC, joining orkut was a trend back in those days , in order to keep in  touch with old friends, back then it was the only purpose to use orkut.When gprs had just been launched, i was probably one of its earliest customers. I used to have dolphin sim back then. One fine day, i open Orkut, check scraps , log out, then came a shocker, when i checked my balance, 25 bucks had been deducted from my balance for a 5 minute internet sortie. Now at that time i was pretty addicted to orkut and spending 25 rupees for an hour’s session at the cyber seemed pretty costly. At that same time Airtel had just come out with a scheme called Net on Phone (NOP) where the user had to pay just 2 bucks a day for unlimited browsing. Just in a matter of days i had already switched to Airtel, activating that scheme. And from there began my addiction to the internet in general.

2 rupees a day meant that one could be online the entire day. Orkut now for me was not just been about checking scraps and keeping contacts, I was more involved in communities. Being a football fan, I regularly visited footballing communities and took part in discussions and met many people like me who shared the same passion. There communities I regularly posted were the UEFA Champions League and Bayern Munich.
Eating food , walking on the streets, lectures..it didn’t matter where , my eyes were always fixed on my mobile screen. It was as if i had 2 lives, a virtual one and the real world. i was so engrossed into orkut that i had pretty much earned the nickname ‘orkut boy’ by a few of my diploma friends.
I gained a lot of knowledge about my passions, hobbies and other interests by regularly taking part in online discussions, quizzes, debates and most importantly-football banter. As time passed, I had quite made my name as a quality poster and pretty much loved my virtual world. I even managed to become the moderator in one of Orkut’s biggest football community – the UCL, after the hacking wars(where i had my fair share of adventure) between India and Pakistan.(Its a very long story so i wont go much into it)
As time passed, Airtel had completely scrapped NOP for other schemes like Airtel Live( 7Rs/day) and Mobile Office(15Rs/day). For some weird reason, my scheme never got cut although two other of my friends having the same NOP scheme lost theirs (lucky me). What’s more surprising, is that my balance stop getting deducted. So now i had free 24*7 browsing and also learnt a lot new tricks as time passed enabling me to have unlimited downloading. What else could one possibly ask for? But that too was just another reason for the addiction to increase. I had so much time on my hands that i began joining many other websites.
By the time i had reached My Degree College. Orkut was on a steady decline with Facebook becoming the new trend. As usual, it was no different for me. Facebook was alot better than orkut, had way better features than orkut anyday, but no matter how good it was it can never bring back the good old nostalgic orkut days. I later even went on to make an account on twitter. As orkut and facebook are for your classmates, twitter for people , you’d wish were your class mates. Its been 5 years now since i have been a NOP user, and the addiction still remains  have no idea how long more would i get to use this sim. Its rusted to such an extent that its beyond repair.

Every morning the first thing i do when i wake up, is to check FB for notifications or Twitter for replies. A day without internet, makes me totally restless and the feeling where you don’t really know what to do! There have been ample times my friends talk about how i would have been a topper if not for my head to be stuck in my cell the whole day. Which is certainly true,  I just hope that when this scheme finally comes to an end, i be able to cope over it As for now…….I am still a social networking addict !!!

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