Friday, November 19, 2010

Apple Motion Pictures - ROBOT BOY Vol. 2 [Part I]

The following video depicts our late friend Meldon Sampey's last journey prior to his accidental death.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

India, hunger, forced conversion and Jesus

Scene: Outside a church (board) on a Sunday. There’s worship music in the background. People have begun going towards the church.

In walks a little boy (Raj) in rags, carrying a runaway- from-home bundle. He keeps looking to the pavement and feeling his stomach. A girl walks by, carrying a whole load of buns, towards the church. He stares longingly. Suddenly he spies that one of them has fallen on the ground. He runs for it and grabs it — a happy smile on his face.

Out of nowhere come two ruffians. They walk up to Raj as he ’s about to bite into the bun.

Ruffian1 (grabbing hold of Raj’s hand): Give me that! Raj (grabbing at the bun): Give it back. it’s mine.

Ruffian2: So, new here eh?
(hits him on the head). Don’t you know the rules? Before you eat, ask us.

(Raj begins to weep)

R2: (boxing Raj’s ears) He won’t forget now.

R1: Let’s go.

(R1 and R2 leave, eating the bun. Raj goes and sits on the pavement, crying. Enter an
Christian youth worker, notices Raj and walks to him.)

Youth Worker (YW): Why are you crying? Are you hungry?

Raj: (wiping face) Yes.

YW: Come, I know where you can get some food.

(YW takes him to the church where people are distributing food (buns) to the poor. Raj gets some buns and eats happily)

YW (walks towards the pavement and sits. Raj sits beside him, still eating): Where have you come from?

Raj: Udaipur. I’ve run away from home.

YW: Why?

Raj: I wanted to be rich. Like them (points towards the church). I don ’t want to be hungry.

YW: Oh look, the pastor is about to start his sermon.

(Raj hesitates, but then decides to go to the door and listen from outside)

(They go to the church door)

Pastor: Today, I want to tell you the story about a man who can fulfill our hunger.
(Reading from his pastor notes). Once upon a time, God was born on earth, as a man called Jesus. He came to show mankind how much he loved him. When he was 30 years old, he didn ’t eat for 40 days and nights! Can you imagine that!

(Raj shakes his head.).

Pastor: (continuing) Food stopped being important to him. Instead, he went around asking people to be good and to obey the only God. He had amazing powers. He healed the sick and made the blind to see. One day, he even multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish so that they could feed more than 5000 people! And whenever people asked him how he got the powers, he kept saying he was God’s Son. He taught that man is always hungry in his stomach but he was the bread of life. If anyway chose him, he would never be hungry in his heart. Many didn ’t believe him and were angry with him. Later those people nailed Jesus to a cross. Everybody thought he was dead. They buried him. But on the third day he rose again! In fact, even then some people didn ’t even recognise Jesus until he “ broke bread with them.”

Raj: (looking at the church congregation that is looking sleepy) Why are these Church people looking bored?

YW: They are bored because they don’t understand what it really means to be hungry,
and what Jesus was actually offering.

Raj: Hey I would like to know more about this Jesus.

(Enter Religious fundamentalist.)

Fundamentalist: Stop!!! You are forcing conversion!

YW: What? What are you talking about?

Fundamentalist: You are making converts by bribing them with food!

YW: I did no such thing. This boy was hungry, I gave him something to eat. I never
forced him to listen to the message. Plus, I never promised him more food, in fact the message was about how God is beyond our need for food. If he really wanted food he would have run away.

Raj: (raises his hand to say something) excuse me…

Fundamentalist: That’s forcing someone to become a Christian. You Christians are all alike … you bring people to food, then scare them about stories of heaven and hell, and then these poor people have no choice but to become Christians ….

Raj: Excuse me…

YW: I never asked him to become a Christian I just…

Fundamentalist: (to police) Arrest him…

Police: I’m sorry, at the moment I don’t have jurisdiction to…

Fundamentalist: (to mob) beat them!….

(Mob attacks and YW is hit, and the church building is destroyed.)

Fundamentalist: (to Raj) Now we’ve saved you. Why did you come here? Isn’t your religion good enough for you? Why do you need to change your religion? We ’re a peaceful religion, a peaceful people. It’s only these Christians who have made us take up arms! Come with us.

Raj: I don’t want to.

Fundamentalist: If you don’t come with us, there’s no place left for you to go.

(taken from

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Leader, A Follower or A Changemaker ?

Today was quite an intresting day. Met one of my old friend after years. After hours of talking about how our lives changed after leaving school, he came to the topic about his work and future plans and how one as an individual has dreams to change the rest. Oddly enough the topic came round to whether leadership is something you are born with or whether it can be developed. Ok so maybe it wasnt so odd that we did land up at this doorstep ,but it did strike a cord somewhere and I am sure I heard some bells ringing in the distance. What created this sudden overwhelming feeling was that I suddenly realized how little I was and how little I knew of the world beyond my usual life..
Thats when I started to wonder ''am I a changemaker? Am I exposed enough to create systems that would have massive impact or for that matter do I have enough wisdom to help others?'' And I am sure that there are others who feel the same. So it basically boils down to one simple question- Can I make a difference?
My personal belief is that the world comprises of two sets of beings. The leaders and then theres the followers. Sometimes its hard to accept certain truths about oneself but an honest analysis would help you decide which one you belong to. Initially ,I had this mindset that the leaders are always far more superior to the followers and somehow landed up equating the latter with donkeys(read less IQ). But over a period of time ive come to realize that life isnt always black and white and similarly there is no set parameter for intelligence. A brilliant mathematician could be a kitchen disaster . You cant be like everybody and everybody cant be like you. The rigidity about your role, your abilities move on with time and circumstances. So its not a big deal if someone realises their strengths and weaknesses, the very fact of realising your weakness is a brilliant step as time teaches you the other side of leadership also. As person who can be a leader in one field could be a follower in another. Each one has his/her merits.
This made me also realize the importance of a team. Its nothing but the culmination of people with various expertise and on coming together, form a strong and sustainable model. But you cant have 10 presidents and 10 Sheila Dixits. And hence there is a need for one individual to spear head the rest. Thats your leader. Its not because hes the smartest of the lot but because he has an x factor that appeals to the rest and the focus to take his team to the next level. He isnt afraid to get his hands dirty.
If you feel you fulfill the above requisites then what are you waiting for?! If not dont feel bad. I know im not a big leader but that doesnt make me any less. Like I always say if I cant be the change maker always, let me support those who are. Mahatma Gandhi alone didnt give us our freedom it was the people behind him that did.
Think about it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dedicated to Meldon Sampey

The time was ticking on the clock, with just a few minutes left for the countdown to the final whistle. The match was intense, with the opposition dominating the flow of the game. With barely a few seconds left, a thin fair complexion boy made his run to the opposition box and slipped one past the goalkeeper in the dying moments. There were screams and shouts of joy and celebration all around. The then, FE COMPS were victorious, defeating the team many considered back then, the strongest. And Meldon Sampey was their match winner, It's the story that still goes around from the football freaks of the current third year, about how Meldon was the architect of that win.

Almost three years since that incident, our dear and close friend is no longer amongst us, on 5th October 2010; Meldon Sampey was the victim of a horrific train accident at Virar station. On a day that seemed just as normal as any other, turned out to be a night mare for all his close friends and family. It's still hard for many to accept the fact that Meldon is no longer amongst us and we will never be seeing him again, although his legacy will continue to remain in our hearts, with every moment he spent with us will always be cherished and remain an unwashed memory throughout our lives.

As a student Meldon was no different from many. A cool and calm person by nature, Meldon was a huge Eminem fan and a football lover. Every Fridays one would always see him in the college grounds playing his favorite sport. He was someone who would never complain about how things were and always accept them the way they were. No matter what or when plans were made, Meldon was always ready to join in and would never disappoint his friends. A person, who would mix well with all, having good friends from all branches, may it be Civil, IT or EXTC. Nicknamed 'Pingu' by his close friends, Meldon had the most unique of smile, I'd ever seen, It hid all his emotions/mischievous intent, and it's that smile that I'd personally never forget...

Meldon's demise came as a shock to all. A young 19 year old , whose entire family hope rested upon him, who at one time travelled in the same train that you did, studied in the same class that you were, met you every evening at the station while going home, and the next thing you know, he has gone forever. As the priest at the funeral said, "Meldon's demise is a lesson for all of us, to be careful while travelling. If you love Meldon, you will be cautious every time you travel as he (Meldon) would never want his friends to suffer the same fate as he has"...

'God saw you and put his arms around you

and whispered "come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you. and saw you pass away.

Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us, He always takes the best.....'

RIP, Meldon 'Shady' Sampey

Born - 28th December 1990

Died - 5th October 2010.

A friend, a colleague, a brother..........

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Alright,to start with, ''Im not much of an Anime freak, as you may think off on noticing that ive actually dedicated an entire article on it'' Anime is something I just watch when I suffer from boredom or completle joblessness. I am nor a collector of it nor an addict. (Unlike those who eat,sleep and drink anime, going to such extent, even to have profile pics on it)But has it had an effect on me?..yes,to some extent. Infact the very main blog url, is anime inspired. Over the years boredom has forced me to watch a few. I liked a few while disliked the others. So this article is the ranking of my top 3 anime series-
1) The Full-Metal Alchemist
Summary-"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain,something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth." In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "auto-mail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his brother and himself... the legendary Philosopher's Stone.
This is the series that I completely fell in love with. Having only 51 espiodes, FMA has changed my life alot. From the storyline to the main slogan there is not a single part of it that I disliked. The very own URL of this blog,'ironblood alchemist' is one of character in the series. There is another series called FMA-Brotherhood, which has the same characters, but follows a different storyline. From the world of alchemy to the Elric brothers,human transmutation to homunculi, this series has everything to keep you bound to it, untill its very end.

2) Death Note
Summary- Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects--and he's bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal... or his life?
An amazing series. For me DN was divided into two parts. The series was intresting in first half, however after the death of L , it gets a bit boring. But overall a pretty good series to watch. The twists and turns in the mystery solving is truly awesome. Its something that makes you think on what your next move would be. Death note is right up there.

3) Naruto
Summary- Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series,the nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konohagakure. It was a powerful demon indeed; a single swing of one of its nine tails would raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. It raised chaos and slaughtered many people, until the leader of the Leaf Village - the Fourth Hokage - defeated it by sacrificing his own life to seal the demon inside a newly-born child, whose origins are as yet unknown. That child's name was Naruto Uzumaki.
There are two parts to the Naruto series. The childhood days and Shippuden. The childhood days are pretty senseless, more of a story about a little Naruto running around like headless chicken. Although its this series that provides us with a base for the shippuden series. Its the shippuden part what I liked more. More fights , akatsuki and a whole lot of suspense. Naruto is currently the most read manga on the internet, and third on my list.
There are other anime which I have also seen such as bleach( which i would rate as my fourth best ),hellsing,devil may cry etc.But not good enough to beat my top three.. FMA forever!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Motion Pictures-The Rise

Today marks the day of  a very important event. The release of AMP's -Robot Boy- . After a year long break, Amal Baiju and his production 'Apple Motion Pictures' is finally back with another one of his brilliant creations. 'The Mobile Blog' as a partner of AMP productions has decided to jointly celebrate this auspicious event...
An engineering student from SJCET ,Amal Baiju, as a child, always dreamt of getting in to the world of acting, production and directing. Despite facing hard criticism and demotivation from many , Amal has quite lived up to his dream by his hardwork and sheer determination.  "I was not the kind of guy , who was more into studies, ever since childhood I've been more into the commercial part, more into movies." says Amal Baiju. "I always dreamt of having my own unified productions, with everyone joining in it. A success story where we all share its fruit".
In today's world where every parent want to follow the current trend of making their children a doctor or an engineer, Amal's case was no different. Choosing the line of Engineering is like inviting the causes of peer pressure, tension , lack of time etc etc,but yet facing all these hardships, Amals obsession never died out."The main thing that separates us from our dreams,, the current trend,, where many think that having a degree is having your life set".......
His dream materialized at the age of 14, his first video was 'Pichle Saat Din', which didn't turn out quite the way he wanted, however he did not loose hope and produced the video 'Choupsy' which was a huge hit and thus started his journey towards realizing his dream. From then on giving us entertaining videos like 'My Generation' to emotional ones like 'Home Sweet Home' and many more, Amal has displayed his talent on every field the world of cinema has to offer and will still continue in exploring the new ones. 
Hardships, obstacles and barriers are all a part of one's life, but dealing with all these and yet following your dream is a whole different story. That's what AMP's latest video is all about. The topic of "Hope". Based on the music of Linkin Parks-Robot boy, the video is a small story which portrays the true dreams of 10 students and the reality we all face. 'Robot boy' will be released in 2 volumes respectively.
Whether or not Amals true dream becomes a reality is still a question but on the path he currently is , success is bound to follow..Wishing Amal Baiju and his team loads of luck, sucess and blessings. 

Link to the video-

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to pass an examination

If only life would be so easy...........

My life in Palghar(Part 3)

A week after settling in, news broke out to me that i had got admission in Xaviers, but i chose to remain in Palghar( there are many reasons for it). Days passed and i actually began liking college. Unlike my diploma days, i actually started attending all lectures. i used to sit on the last bench(as usual} alongside Melwyn and we used to spend nearly half our class time doing time pass with Chaitu and sometimes with Pratiksha, Karishma (aka Kanchi; a nice friendly Gujju female, very sporting and timepass) or Ashwini (a moodswinging palghar localite. She speaks to me once every month :P ). Karishma and Ashwini were Nevilles TP friends just as we had the Chaitu and Pratiksha.

Our main group in college had 2 flats currently. Amals and Pranavs. So whenever we used to bunk,we used to hang out there. From sharing stories to taking peoples case to trying all stupid stuff like the unconscious trick, games etc etc happened on a usual basis there. Although the main part was playing the game of 'Maindicort'. You may be wondering why have i given a special place for it. Its simply because, for the homies, it was not just a game of cards, it was their life. While playing it, emotions ran high and the game was played as if your life depended on it. Another advantage of having a house in Palghar was something i called 'Palghar Nights'. Staying overnight in Palghar is something I've always enjoyed. From partying to roaming an the streets around 2am, it was just awesome. In the past one year i may have had only 8 Palgar nights and trust me , having even 1 is like living a lifetime on a single night. And as the saying goes "What happens in Palghar, stays in Palghar" so i am quite bound to rules that do not allow me to reveal classified stories :D .

Now that i have finished with the details of my class and college group, its time for my third and final group. Its something i call 'station group' or my 'sisters' :P . This consists of mainly only two people. The 'Sharvaris' as we call them. Talking all the worlds rubbish, irritating and troubling them, just to see their childish reactions,make my day!!. The Sharvari couple are 2 girls , both sharing the same name. They are Big Sharvari (aka Civil Sharu; cause she is taller than the other one) and Small Sharvari (aka Choti Sharu;cause she is shorter than the other one), The Sharvari Couple are my favorite TP characters, and they both are unique in their own way. There was a time when i pretty much disliked them. It was only after the 4th sem and when they gave me a set of rules to follow (like 1-tell them HI daily, 2- Reach them from college bus to college entrance etc etc) that i actually began getting attached to them. In fact soo much, that i specially came to college on Rakshabandhan day, just to get a Rakhi tied from them.

Big Sharvari is a total tomboy. She is more like a caretaker of the other 3 in their group. My first impression of her was pretty scary , especially when you here her talk in hindi. Words like 'Mereko','Tereko' and that finger pointing style of hers, makes you wonder if she is actually speaking to you or giving you a dhamki :P . She is always ahead in all class activities. Sometimes i wonder if she is my sister or a brother actually, cause on rakshabandhan day, instead of the brother promising to take care of his sister, she was the one who promised to take care of me.So its quite opposite in our case. But that was the boyish side to her, the girlish side is equally interesting, Extremely cute, friendly, kind , helpful etc etc and a totally bindas type, unlike other typical girls. I usually give her lectures on how to be more of the girlish type but in the end i always realize that she is the best, the way she is.

Small Sharu is my all time favorite!. She is also Vismays Cousin(now you know where those smiles come from) and the youngest and shortest off the others. I like her soo much that i consider her as my real blood sister, and would do anything just to see a smile on her face(she looks like a grandmother when she is sad :P) The most shortest and cutest girl i have ever come across. Seeing her itself ,makes my day in Palghar. Hearing her speak and talking to her is like talking to a small innocent child :D . But people, don't go much on her looks, cause no matter how short she may be, she is very smart and someone who is impossible to beat in an argument cause no matter what you tell her, she always has an answer ready. Overall she is very polite, friendly, kind (i wont mention helpful  here, cause she never writes assignments for me :'( ) She is the most dearest of my 3 college :P

So for me , college was only about 3 things-
1-Doing timepass in class with my class group.
2-TP at station with the Sharvari couple
3-Enjoying the entire group company in the flat.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My life in Palghar(Part 2)

When it comes to making friends and settling in, being a student of diploma, its a whole lot tougher to gel in with the class, and thats something i realised on my first day of college. its more like your an alien figure in the class where everyone know eachother except you. And the feeling that creeps into when you enter class for the first time with everyone staring at you as if you were a murderer or someone who hd commited some mortal sin...

The first week in Palghar was pretty boring. I roamed around with the other diploma students( two of which, were from my diploma college) and eventually making friends with a few HSC students. Lucky me, i had someone like neville in my class which made it easier for me to mix around with the other HSC students(unlike being a complete stranger,knowing someone is actually helpfull)
My first memorable day in SJCET came a week later when all we diploma students decided to bunk and go to kelve beach. That day was awesome! From beach football to taking Pathaks case. Totally perfect :D

As days passed i started hanging around more with the HSC students rather than to diploma ones, as i used to do my travelling with Neville. He was quite helpfull in helping me gel around with most of the older students i met . Untill i completely shifted with them. A group of 6 people, Neville(aka Dodo; a DJ, quite emotional , a good person but usually suffers from mood swings, he is either in Normal Mode or himself), Melwyn(aka Slim; a malnourished guy, cool to hang around with, someone who returns humour, with humour), Nehal(aka Defect; another malnourished guy, talented, but seriously lacks manners when it comes to speaking with others, always bankrupt), Chaitrali(aka Jai Mata Di; a healthy female, extremly polite and helpfull, someone who i like talking to when im bored) and Pratiksha(aka Drama Queen; a totally malnourished village girl,very emotional and cries for everything). These were the people i sit in class with. Although our college group is pretty huge and consists of people from all departments.
he main ones include-

Amal (Civil; aka Ballu; He chose the wrong field IMO, he should have been in the film industry. Very talented when it comes to creativity. Very humourous also. He is such a nice guy that whenever he sees a poor child begging , his heart melts and always spares some cash for them ( even for Nehal). He has his own production company which has realeased many morphed music videos, named Apple Motion Pictures.)

Kevin (Civil; aka Kaivish; apna 5th 6th 7th Std ka best pall. One of my school buddies who i was supposed to stay in Palghar with. A very cute and friendly pesron , with a boy-next-door image . But he is the laziest person alive. People call him 'Kaivish' because he posseses superpowers(brother of Krish). Trust me fellows,he can actually fly!!)

Rishab (EXTC; aka Chotu; The shortest but quite an active member of our group. A good footballer also. Channel V the player, playboy, name it all!, every name suits him, although a few prefer tocall him 'slum kid' :P . Tries to act stylish at times. And has a habit of talking rubbish(wen he's high).lol )

Amit (Civil; aka Bhaji; nice guy, always keeps telling me stories about first year. When he grows his hair it actually looks fake.)

Vismay ( IT; aka Gutter; a happy-go-lucky guy from agashi. There is never a time come, when i have actually seen this guy sad. No matter what, there is always a smile on his face. Even if he fails to get a job in the IT sector , i am quite sure he will get one in the advertisment industry for toothpastes :P . Overall a timepass person and a decent footballer. )

Dipen (Civil; aka LePees; The only guy from our group who has a GF from college itself currently. Has a very weired accent. Has a very wiered sense of attitude (just a saying, 'when a cat closes its eyes, it thinks that the world aint looking at him':P )

Shreyas (Civil; aka Dentist; There is not a single girl in college, which this dude hasnt flirted with. Thats not all,he has even reached the pharmacy department But all in all,a very lively and comical guy. Always happy and lives life to the fullest)

Marvin (IT; aka Narcotics ; people say he is gay )

Hiten (Civil aka chicken noodles; he steels peoples headphones. Lol)

Abilash (Civil aka Bhaiya; A really nice and supportive person. He tries to induce humour in every sentence of his, although it takes time for people to actually comprehend his jokes. Always looks at the positive side of life.)

Wensley (IT: aka Painter babu: No matter what time of the day,week or month it is , this dude always has a cap on him. Has a habit of randomly saying 'yoyoyo' whenever he feels jobless. and he too has stamerring problems. YOYOYO!! (Upar wala bhale wrong hojaye ,lekin wensley kabhi wrong nahi hota... :P ))

Darren (Civil aka Popot; He is so delicate, that we even think twice before shaking hands with him, for the fear that it may actually break off. Very quite,thin and miserable person.)

Shashank (EXTC; aka Lele; We are still confused to which group this chap belongs too. We see him with different class groups daily. As Gandhi followed the principle of non-violence,lele follows the principle of non-groupism.)

Pranav (EXTC; aka Ek Minute; He is one of those , who has his own flat in palghar.He has the habit of repeating words twice every sentence. Extra hairy and sweats like a pig daily. But a nice guy and a good friend.)

And many others such as, Manish (EXTC; aka Ma ka...), Meldon (Comps aka Pingu), Binnie,Raunak, Dean, Irfan etc. Our group was the biggest in college

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ramayan-Computer based

> >LAN, LAN ago, in the SYSTEM
of I/O-dhya,
> >there ruled a PROCESSOR
named DOS-rat. Once he
> >EXECUTED a great sacrifice
PROGRAM after which his
> >queens gave an OUTPUT of
four SUNs - RAM, LSIman,
> >BUG-rat and SED-rughana.
> >
> >RAM the eldest was a
MICROCHIP with excellent
> >MEMORY. His brothers,
however, were only
> >
> >Once when RAM was only
16MB, he married
> >princess 'C'ta. 12 years passed
and DOS-rat
> >decided to INSTAL RAM as his
> >However, Queen CIE/CAE
(Kayekayee), who
> >was once offered a boon by
DOS-rat for a life
> >saving HELP COMMAND ,took
this opportunity at
> >the instigation of her BIOSed
maid(a real plotter),
> >and insisted that her son Bug-
rat be INSTALLED and
> >that RAM be BOOTED to the
forest for 14 years.
> >
> >At this cruel and unexpected
demand, a
> >SURGE passed thru DOS-rat
and he collapsed,
> >power-less.
> >
> >RAM agreed to LOG INTO
forest and 'C'ta
> >insisted to LOGIN with him. LSI-
man was also
> >resolved on LOGGING IN with
his brother. The
> >forest was the dwelling of
SPARC-nakha, the
> >tranSISTOR of RAW-van,
> >
> >Attracted by RAM's stature,
she proposed
> >that he marry her. RAM,
politely declined. Perceiving
> >'C'ta to be the SOURCE CODE
of her distress, she
> >hastened to kill her. But LSI-
man cut off her nose.
> >Weeping, SPARC-nakha fled to
LAN-ka, where RAW-van,
> >moved by tranSISTOR's
plight,approached his uncle
> >MAR-icha.
> >
himself into the form
> >of a golden stag and drew
RAM deep into the forest.
> >Finally tired of the chase, RAM
shot the deer,
> >who,with his last breath,cried
out desperately for
> >LSI-man in RAM's voice.
> >
> >Fooled by this VIRTUAL RAM
> >urged LSI-man to his brother's
aid.Catching the
> >opportunity,RAW-van
DELINKED 'C'ta from
> >her LIBRARY and changed her
> >LAN-ka.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >RAM and LSI-man started
> >missing 'C'ta all over the forest.
They made
> >friendship with the forest
> >SU-greev and his powerful co-
processor Ha-NEUMAN.
> >SU-greev agreed to help RAM.
SU-greev ordered his
powerful 'SEARCH' techniques
> >to FIND the missing 'C'ta. His
> >all around the INTER-
NETworked forests. Many tried
> >to 'EXCITE' the birds and
animals not to forget the
> >'WEB CRAWLERS'(Insects) and
tried to 'INFO SEEK'
> >something about 'C'ta. Some
of them even shouted
> >'YAA-HOO' but they all ended
up with 'NOT FOUND'
> >
> >Several other SEARCH
techniques proved
> >useless. Ha-NEUMAN devised a
> >and used it to cross the seas at
an astonishing
> >CLOCK SPEED. Soon Ha-
> >LAN-ka. After doing some local
> >'C'ta weeping under a TREE
> >LOGIN ID (ring) to identify
himself to 'C'ta.
> >
'C'ta believed in
> >him and asked him to send a
> >
> >Meanwhile all the raakshasa
BUGS around
> >'C'ta captured Ha-NEUMAN
and tried to DELETE him using
> >pyro-techniques. But Ha-
NEUMAN managed to
> >spread chaos by spreading the
VIRUS 'Fire'.
> >
> >Ha-NEUMAN happily pressed
> >LAN-ka and conveyed all the
> >SU-greev. RAW-wan decided to
take the all powerful
> >RAM head-on and prepared
for the battle. One of the
> >RAW-wan's SUN (son) almost
DELETED RAM & LSI-man with
> >a powerful brahma-astra. But
Ha-NEUMAN resorted to
> >some ACTIVE-X ingredients
> >LSI-man. RAM used the
SOURCE CODE secrets of RAW-
> >and once for all wiped out
RAW-wan's presence on
> >earth.
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> >After the battle, RAM got
> >I/O-dhya and spread his
all USERS and every one
> >lived happily ever after.

My Life in Palghar (Part 1)

It all began on 31st August 2009 when i finally got my diploma completion certificate. And it was finally time to take a big step ahead towards B.E. I still remember those plans i made with my buddies Mihir and Tiwari, about taking admission in a far off college and staying in a hostel to enjoy both,life and the freedom with it. Although life took quite a different turn for all of us. I was the only one from my group of 4 to get admission in a far off college. Unfortunately Mihir and Tiwari, both failed to secure admission that year, and Keval landed up in Sion. After trying in a few other institutes,My admission was done in St. John College of Engineering and Technology(SJCET), in a place(village actually) called Palghar, around 90 kms from my home. Although Palghar was my last option compared to the others, i didnt think of it as a bad option, considering the fact that i would finally get a chance to live on my own(freedom) and that i already had a few school friends studying there, and staying with them was surely not a bad idea. But things actually turned out to be quite the opposite..

I still remember the first day i entered the campus. It was the 3rd of August. Palghar in general looked more of a picnic spot to me. There were more trees and animals than people and vehicles on the road. But i had no other option, but to secure my admission there, as my admission in Xaviers was still on hold and i couldnt take a risk of missing out on both! Lots of questions started popping up, will i be able to settle here? How will the crowd be? Will my new friends be villagers or decent people :P

The news that two of my three school pals(the only ones i actually knew in that place) had got a drop, came as a big shock to me. And i got a bigger shock when i was told that the only friend who ha survived the torture had decided to travel daily (i could already feel those dreams of freedom crushing :'( ).

And so it was decided, i was supposed to travel from borivali to palghar daily. Travelling such a hugh distance was just one of the many obstacles that i faced. The other included , lack of frequency of trains, spending around 4 hours a day only to get to your destination, the amount of tiredness that engulfs you, its effect on your academics etc etc etc...
It was just the start of a whole lot hardships, a whole new beginning....

(To be continued)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What it means to be a Bayern fan

22 League titles, 14 DFB cups , 4 Champions league titles and many more still counting. Thats what the club i support has achieved in its golden 110 year history, that only a few other can boast off. That club is FC Bayern Munich AG.

So what does it mean to be a Bayern fan?
Individually it can mean many things to each different person. For me,every fans opinion are important, and vital for club to succeed as a unit. Bayern is one of those clubs, which people either love it, or loath it. No one in between. Love them or hate them, Bayern has won it all as a German team and they rank up there toward the top with the greatest clubs in the world.
Die Roten is one of the those clubs that have to succeed in every competition they are involved in otherwise they are severely scorned by their fans, while everyone else celebrates their failures and loathes their successes.

Being a true football enthusiast in a country like India,where cricket is religion and cricketers are gods(and where every other channel on television tries to outpace the other by dedicating more time and programmes to cricket telecasting and finally ending up with seperate channels dedicated only for that sport) is quite tough and annoying, especially if your void of the services of a decent internet connection or lack intrest in online discussion. And i mention 'true' cause of the amount of gloryhunting wannabe's lingering around here and there.

What is even more tougher,is supporting a league other than the highly publicized english, spanish or the italian. And if your reading this, there is a 90% chance that you support the above. Not criticizing your choice, we all have our own reasons for supporting a certain club. The same situation is with the people i meet,speak or come across. None of them share the same love for the league i do. The German Bundesliga.

The club that i chose to support was Bayern Munchen of the German bundesliga. Although life now is a lot more easier (thank you Neo Sports),than what it was back then , when i had to rely completely on the internet even for the slightest updates of my club. And a lot more thanks to football forums where i get to read,discuss and voice my opinions with the people who share the passion that i do..

Arguing/debating with your local and college friends on football related topics is a whole lot different, considering the fact that they are absolutely unable to understand what your talking about when it comes to supporting your point, your club. And usually ends up on a comical side with everyone making fun of others supported club :P

So, I repeat, what does it mean to be a Bayern fan? For me, its dedicating time to a club that has captivated me for many years, and whom I have seen my emotions ride up and down depending on the outcome of a game, or experienced happiness at a signing. Ultimately to be a Bayern fan is to share my love of the club with other fans around the world..

(The above article has been inspired by BayernZone blog and its member Bayernleben)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miroslav Klose- German Legend

Ever since i was 12 years old, ive been a huge football freak. This passion started during the WC of 2002 and my very first match of Germany vs Saudi Arabia. Thats when i came across a certain footballer who buried the ball in the net for the third time that night. His name was Miroslav Klose. And since that time 8 years back, this man has been my idol. My football God. Just who exactly is Miroslav Klose?

Miroslav Klose is a German footballer Born on 9 June 1978 in the Silesian city of Opole, Poland, to Josef and Barbara Kloze, Miroslav Klose is one of German football’s most successful footballers ever to graze the pitch. With 100 plus caps and Bundesliga goals to his name, one can barely argue to his credentials of being one of the the most prolific strikers in the footballing world.
Little did young  Klose know about how his life would change when his parents moved from their native Poland, fleeing the Communist rule, to France and finally Germany, settling in a small town near Kaiserslautern. As a child Klose was a very softspoken and shy, many blame this cause of his lack of knowledge of the German language during his childhood. so shy that he would rarely mix around or speak.  No different from now is it?  When Klose was 19 years old, he was training to be a carpenter and playing amateur football for a club called SG Blaubach-Diedelkopf in the seventh division.  A late bloomer, one might say.  But as early as 20 years old, Klose was playing for a bigger club, Homburg, but only for its  second team and the fifth division. At 21, he finally played for the club he used to support from the stands,Kaiserslautern. But again Klose was put into the reserve side, known as the ‘amateur team’ ,which competed in the third division along side the reserve squads of some of Germany’s biggest clubs. Klose continued his job as a carpenter, until the age of 22 and when his childhood dream came true he made it into the first team of Kaiserslautern. In his first 67 matches, Klose scored 33 goals. A few more consistent goal scoring performances and finally Rudi Voeller and the German National team came calling to his doorstep. A time when the old German team were looking for some fresh blood.
It was the 88th minute of the World Cup qualifier, the opponents were Albania, the score still 1-1.  Miroslav Klose came on as a substitute and scored the winner on his debut appearance for his adopted country. And from then on the world finally got accustomed to his trade mark somersault, which interestingly also has a story about it. During Miro’s youth days he had a team-mate , Micheal Awe , who went airborne every time he scored, ” He knew I couldn’t do that, so he kept taunting me about it, I bet him 20 marks that if I would ever play  professionally, I would celebrate it with a somersault.” And Klose’s finally made it big, he not only pocketed his 20 marks but also went on to be nicknamed ‘Salto- Klose’ by the German media for his this traditional celebration.
His decision to choose Germany over Poland proved to be a boon as he went on to become one of the world’s top scoring players in a Die Mannschaft jersey. After a successful World Cup in 2002, he transferred to Werder Bremen in 2004, but not by his own consent.  Kaiserlautern had taken a loan for the club’s financial stability and when the time came to repay it, they had no other choice but to sell their star player. ” We had to sell him because of the 5 million euros loan we had taken. Its also important for him for his development to move to the next step  to become a world class striker”, Rene Jaggi the chairman of Kaiserslautern recalled.  The mighty Bayern Munich had their eyes fixed on Klose ever since the end of the World Cup, however a disappointing 2003-04 season for Klose cooled off all interest. And so on 2 March 2004, Klose signed a four–year contract with German Bundesliga club Werder Bremen for a fee of €5 million ($6,2 million).
His days at Bremen transformed him into one of the world’s most feared strikers. The 2005-06 season turned out to be his best ever, finishing as the top scorer of the Bundesliga as well as the WC ’06 and winning the German Footballer of the Year award followed by the Golden boot. During a match in his Werder Bremen days, an opposition goal keeper had apparently seemed to have fauled Klose inside the box. The referee immediately pointed to the spot, however a modest Klose went to the ref to tell him that the decision was wrong and to cancel the penelty given. How honest could a player be?
After a marvelous World Cup in 2006, suitor came aplenty as Barcelona and Juventus lined up to sign him.  Klose was also linked with a move to German giants Bayern Munich and in June 2007, Klose confirmed that he was Bayern Munich bound.  One could argue about his poor form at Bayern, but if you look at the wider aspect, Klose continued to have a huge workrate for Bayern just as his previous clubs. Even in his first season at Bayern, Klose was pretty good, although it was Luca Toni who took the limelight, or Frank Ribery for his circus acts, it was Klose behind the scenes creating assists as well as helping back in defence when needed. Under Jurgen Klinsmann’s regime, it was only Klose who was the most in-form player for Bayern. He was even the Champions League’s top scorer until he met with a season ending injury during a Bundesliga match against Bochum. Infact if Bayern even managed to secure a Champions League spot that season, they owed it to Klose whose goals against Karlsruhe , Dortmund etc were vital for Bayern’s qualification.  Although his goal scoring stint suffered drastically on the club level  under Luis Van Gaal ,his international form never died out. He proved his critics wrong time and time again when he sported the 3stars of the German jersey. This form continued in Euro08 and WC10 finishing as the worldcups second highest goalscorer of all time, finishing 7 from his head and 7 from his feet.
Despite age catching up with him, Klose’s work rate never diminished. It’s true he may never emulate the club form he once had, but that never puts his place in the starting 11 of Germany in doubt. An enigma on and off the field, Miroslav Klose is a role model for many to follow. From working as a carpenter, to becoming an elite amongst the ranks of Muller, Voeller etc, Miroslav Klose will go down in the German and world history books as one of the greatest ever players to sport the three stars of the German jersey.
Miroslav Klose, my idol, my God...

(I have also posted the above article at sportskeeda website.)

The Introduction

I came to this world 20 years ago, born in the 'city of dreams' or Mumbai, as we all know it. Comming from a middle class family, i did not enjoy the luxuries of the the higher ups nor the poverty of the lower. Throughout my life i have had many ups and downs(we all have it dont we?). Although in my opinion i've had more of the latter. But hardships and losses are always a part of ones life, and the more you overcome it, the stronger we get ;)
So here i am 20 years later. Pursuing my engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication in a place know as Palghar around 90km away from my home. Already finished my diploma in ET and now another 3 years and i am off to live on my own.
At present, i have two lifes . A Real one in real world and a virtual one in the world of internet and social networking. And both of these have had their fair share of adventure.
This blog is all about these adventures, and an account of my likes,dislikes, happenings etc

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