Friday, October 8, 2010

Dedicated to Meldon Sampey

The time was ticking on the clock, with just a few minutes left for the countdown to the final whistle. The match was intense, with the opposition dominating the flow of the game. With barely a few seconds left, a thin fair complexion boy made his run to the opposition box and slipped one past the goalkeeper in the dying moments. There were screams and shouts of joy and celebration all around. The then, FE COMPS were victorious, defeating the team many considered back then, the strongest. And Meldon Sampey was their match winner, It's the story that still goes around from the football freaks of the current third year, about how Meldon was the architect of that win.

Almost three years since that incident, our dear and close friend is no longer amongst us, on 5th October 2010; Meldon Sampey was the victim of a horrific train accident at Virar station. On a day that seemed just as normal as any other, turned out to be a night mare for all his close friends and family. It's still hard for many to accept the fact that Meldon is no longer amongst us and we will never be seeing him again, although his legacy will continue to remain in our hearts, with every moment he spent with us will always be cherished and remain an unwashed memory throughout our lives.

As a student Meldon was no different from many. A cool and calm person by nature, Meldon was a huge Eminem fan and a football lover. Every Fridays one would always see him in the college grounds playing his favorite sport. He was someone who would never complain about how things were and always accept them the way they were. No matter what or when plans were made, Meldon was always ready to join in and would never disappoint his friends. A person, who would mix well with all, having good friends from all branches, may it be Civil, IT or EXTC. Nicknamed 'Pingu' by his close friends, Meldon had the most unique of smile, I'd ever seen, It hid all his emotions/mischievous intent, and it's that smile that I'd personally never forget...

Meldon's demise came as a shock to all. A young 19 year old , whose entire family hope rested upon him, who at one time travelled in the same train that you did, studied in the same class that you were, met you every evening at the station while going home, and the next thing you know, he has gone forever. As the priest at the funeral said, "Meldon's demise is a lesson for all of us, to be careful while travelling. If you love Meldon, you will be cautious every time you travel as he (Meldon) would never want his friends to suffer the same fate as he has"...

'God saw you and put his arms around you

and whispered "come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you. and saw you pass away.

Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us, He always takes the best.....'

RIP, Meldon 'Shady' Sampey

Born - 28th December 1990

Died - 5th October 2010.

A friend, a colleague, a brother..........


  1. Very moving...And we still take part in stupid, suposedly 'masculine' shenanigans that could easily get us killed.. Life is short and unexpexcted. .

  2. we'l miss yu men 'PINGU'..!!


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