Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Berni the bear wants to leave Bayern

A dejected Berni and Dante try to console each other

The mascot of FC Bayern Munich, Berni has admitted that he is unhappy with his current situation at Bayern Munich.

"Of course I am not happy with my current situation," Berni was quoted as saying by Bild.
"Everyone seems to be unhappy nowadays, everyone wants to leave, so how can i stay behind?. So even i contacted Bild and Goal.com to inform them that i have had enough. My time at Bayern has come to an end, so to write a story about me aswell"

Berni took over from his  predecessor Bazi back in 2004 and has now been with the club since the last 10 years. "When i joined back then, everything was so good. i was an instant hit. Everyone loved me, but things are different now. Even the players feel the same, everyday new bandwagnors  join in and try to be a pundit. I have had enough of football itself"

The versatile mascot is no longer an undisputed star under Pep Guardiola.
Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has suggested that the Bundesliga champions would consider letting go of Berni this summer if the mascot were to demand a transfer. 

"If anyone does not feel well at Bayern Munich, he should come to my office," the FCB chief was quoted as saying by Bild. "We will have to talk about things like that."

Berni now joins Kroos, Javi Martinez, Shaqiri, Goetze, Muller etc in the list of players willing to leave the crises hit Bayern.
Manchester United are supposedly closely monitoring the mascots situation as a potential replacement to former coach David Moyes

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