Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Life in Palghar (Part 1)

It all began on 31st August 2009 when i finally got my diploma completion certificate. And it was finally time to take a big step ahead towards B.E. I still remember those plans i made with my buddies Mihir and Tiwari, about taking admission in a far off college and staying in a hostel to enjoy both,life and the freedom with it. Although life took quite a different turn for all of us. I was the only one from my group of 4 to get admission in a far off college. Unfortunately Mihir and Tiwari, both failed to secure admission that year, and Keval landed up in Sion. After trying in a few other institutes,My admission was done in St. John College of Engineering and Technology(SJCET), in a place(village actually) called Palghar, around 90 kms from my home. Although Palghar was my last option compared to the others, i didnt think of it as a bad option, considering the fact that i would finally get a chance to live on my own(freedom) and that i already had a few school friends studying there, and staying with them was surely not a bad idea. But things actually turned out to be quite the opposite..

I still remember the first day i entered the campus. It was the 3rd of August. Palghar in general looked more of a picnic spot to me. There were more trees and animals than people and vehicles on the road. But i had no other option, but to secure my admission there, as my admission in Xaviers was still on hold and i couldnt take a risk of missing out on both! Lots of questions started popping up, will i be able to settle here? How will the crowd be? Will my new friends be villagers or decent people :P

The news that two of my three school pals(the only ones i actually knew in that place) had got a drop, came as a big shock to me. And i got a bigger shock when i was told that the only friend who ha survived the torture had decided to travel daily (i could already feel those dreams of freedom crushing :'( ).

And so it was decided, i was supposed to travel from borivali to palghar daily. Travelling such a hugh distance was just one of the many obstacles that i faced. The other included , lack of frequency of trains, spending around 4 hours a day only to get to your destination, the amount of tiredness that engulfs you, its effect on your academics etc etc etc...
It was just the start of a whole lot hardships, a whole new beginning....

(To be continued)

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