Sunday, September 5, 2010

What it means to be a Bayern fan

22 League titles, 14 DFB cups , 4 Champions league titles and many more still counting. Thats what the club i support has achieved in its golden 110 year history, that only a few other can boast off. That club is FC Bayern Munich AG.

So what does it mean to be a Bayern fan?
Individually it can mean many things to each different person. For me,every fans opinion are important, and vital for club to succeed as a unit. Bayern is one of those clubs, which people either love it, or loath it. No one in between. Love them or hate them, Bayern has won it all as a German team and they rank up there toward the top with the greatest clubs in the world.
Die Roten is one of the those clubs that have to succeed in every competition they are involved in otherwise they are severely scorned by their fans, while everyone else celebrates their failures and loathes their successes.

Being a true football enthusiast in a country like India,where cricket is religion and cricketers are gods(and where every other channel on television tries to outpace the other by dedicating more time and programmes to cricket telecasting and finally ending up with seperate channels dedicated only for that sport) is quite tough and annoying, especially if your void of the services of a decent internet connection or lack intrest in online discussion. And i mention 'true' cause of the amount of gloryhunting wannabe's lingering around here and there.

What is even more tougher,is supporting a league other than the highly publicized english, spanish or the italian. And if your reading this, there is a 90% chance that you support the above. Not criticizing your choice, we all have our own reasons for supporting a certain club. The same situation is with the people i meet,speak or come across. None of them share the same love for the league i do. The German Bundesliga.

The club that i chose to support was Bayern Munchen of the German bundesliga. Although life now is a lot more easier (thank you Neo Sports),than what it was back then , when i had to rely completely on the internet even for the slightest updates of my club. And a lot more thanks to football forums where i get to read,discuss and voice my opinions with the people who share the passion that i do..

Arguing/debating with your local and college friends on football related topics is a whole lot different, considering the fact that they are absolutely unable to understand what your talking about when it comes to supporting your point, your club. And usually ends up on a comical side with everyone making fun of others supported club :P

So, I repeat, what does it mean to be a Bayern fan? For me, its dedicating time to a club that has captivated me for many years, and whom I have seen my emotions ride up and down depending on the outcome of a game, or experienced happiness at a signing. Ultimately to be a Bayern fan is to share my love of the club with other fans around the world..

(The above article has been inspired by BayernZone blog and its member Bayernleben)

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