Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Introduction

I came to this world 20 years ago, born in the 'city of dreams' or Mumbai, as we all know it. Comming from a middle class family, i did not enjoy the luxuries of the the higher ups nor the poverty of the lower. Throughout my life i have had many ups and downs(we all have it dont we?). Although in my opinion i've had more of the latter. But hardships and losses are always a part of ones life, and the more you overcome it, the stronger we get ;)
So here i am 20 years later. Pursuing my engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication in a place know as Palghar around 90km away from my home. Already finished my diploma in ET and now another 3 years and i am off to live on my own.
At present, i have two lifes . A Real one in real world and a virtual one in the world of internet and social networking. And both of these have had their fair share of adventure.
This blog is all about these adventures, and an account of my likes,dislikes, happenings etc

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