Thursday, September 23, 2010

My life in Palghar(Part 3)

A week after settling in, news broke out to me that i had got admission in Xaviers, but i chose to remain in Palghar( there are many reasons for it). Days passed and i actually began liking college. Unlike my diploma days, i actually started attending all lectures. i used to sit on the last bench(as usual} alongside Melwyn and we used to spend nearly half our class time doing time pass with Chaitu and sometimes with Pratiksha, Karishma (aka Kanchi; a nice friendly Gujju female, very sporting and timepass) or Ashwini (a moodswinging palghar localite. She speaks to me once every month :P ). Karishma and Ashwini were Nevilles TP friends just as we had the Chaitu and Pratiksha.

Our main group in college had 2 flats currently. Amals and Pranavs. So whenever we used to bunk,we used to hang out there. From sharing stories to taking peoples case to trying all stupid stuff like the unconscious trick, games etc etc happened on a usual basis there. Although the main part was playing the game of 'Maindicort'. You may be wondering why have i given a special place for it. Its simply because, for the homies, it was not just a game of cards, it was their life. While playing it, emotions ran high and the game was played as if your life depended on it. Another advantage of having a house in Palghar was something i called 'Palghar Nights'. Staying overnight in Palghar is something I've always enjoyed. From partying to roaming an the streets around 2am, it was just awesome. In the past one year i may have had only 8 Palgar nights and trust me , having even 1 is like living a lifetime on a single night. And as the saying goes "What happens in Palghar, stays in Palghar" so i am quite bound to rules that do not allow me to reveal classified stories :D .

Now that i have finished with the details of my class and college group, its time for my third and final group. Its something i call 'station group' or my 'sisters' :P . This consists of mainly only two people. The 'Sharvaris' as we call them. Talking all the worlds rubbish, irritating and troubling them, just to see their childish reactions,make my day!!. The Sharvari couple are 2 girls , both sharing the same name. They are Big Sharvari (aka Civil Sharu; cause she is taller than the other one) and Small Sharvari (aka Choti Sharu;cause she is shorter than the other one), The Sharvari Couple are my favorite TP characters, and they both are unique in their own way. There was a time when i pretty much disliked them. It was only after the 4th sem and when they gave me a set of rules to follow (like 1-tell them HI daily, 2- Reach them from college bus to college entrance etc etc) that i actually began getting attached to them. In fact soo much, that i specially came to college on Rakshabandhan day, just to get a Rakhi tied from them.

Big Sharvari is a total tomboy. She is more like a caretaker of the other 3 in their group. My first impression of her was pretty scary , especially when you here her talk in hindi. Words like 'Mereko','Tereko' and that finger pointing style of hers, makes you wonder if she is actually speaking to you or giving you a dhamki :P . She is always ahead in all class activities. Sometimes i wonder if she is my sister or a brother actually, cause on rakshabandhan day, instead of the brother promising to take care of his sister, she was the one who promised to take care of me.So its quite opposite in our case. But that was the boyish side to her, the girlish side is equally interesting, Extremely cute, friendly, kind , helpful etc etc and a totally bindas type, unlike other typical girls. I usually give her lectures on how to be more of the girlish type but in the end i always realize that she is the best, the way she is.

Small Sharu is my all time favorite!. She is also Vismays Cousin(now you know where those smiles come from) and the youngest and shortest off the others. I like her soo much that i consider her as my real blood sister, and would do anything just to see a smile on her face(she looks like a grandmother when she is sad :P) The most shortest and cutest girl i have ever come across. Seeing her itself ,makes my day in Palghar. Hearing her speak and talking to her is like talking to a small innocent child :D . But people, don't go much on her looks, cause no matter how short she may be, she is very smart and someone who is impossible to beat in an argument cause no matter what you tell her, she always has an answer ready. Overall she is very polite, friendly, kind (i wont mention helpful  here, cause she never writes assignments for me :'( ) She is the most dearest of my 3 college :P

So for me , college was only about 3 things-
1-Doing timepass in class with my class group.
2-TP at station with the Sharvari couple
3-Enjoying the entire group company in the flat.

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