Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My life in Palghar(Part 2)

When it comes to making friends and settling in, being a student of diploma, its a whole lot tougher to gel in with the class, and thats something i realised on my first day of college. its more like your an alien figure in the class where everyone know eachother except you. And the feeling that creeps into when you enter class for the first time with everyone staring at you as if you were a murderer or someone who hd commited some mortal sin...

The first week in Palghar was pretty boring. I roamed around with the other diploma students( two of which, were from my diploma college) and eventually making friends with a few HSC students. Lucky me, i had someone like neville in my class which made it easier for me to mix around with the other HSC students(unlike being a complete stranger,knowing someone is actually helpfull)
My first memorable day in SJCET came a week later when all we diploma students decided to bunk and go to kelve beach. That day was awesome! From beach football to taking Pathaks case. Totally perfect :D

As days passed i started hanging around more with the HSC students rather than to diploma ones, as i used to do my travelling with Neville. He was quite helpfull in helping me gel around with most of the older students i met . Untill i completely shifted with them. A group of 6 people, Neville(aka Dodo; a DJ, quite emotional , a good person but usually suffers from mood swings, he is either in Normal Mode or himself), Melwyn(aka Slim; a malnourished guy, cool to hang around with, someone who returns humour, with humour), Nehal(aka Defect; another malnourished guy, talented, but seriously lacks manners when it comes to speaking with others, always bankrupt), Chaitrali(aka Jai Mata Di; a healthy female, extremly polite and helpfull, someone who i like talking to when im bored) and Pratiksha(aka Drama Queen; a totally malnourished village girl,very emotional and cries for everything). These were the people i sit in class with. Although our college group is pretty huge and consists of people from all departments.
he main ones include-

Amal (Civil; aka Ballu; He chose the wrong field IMO, he should have been in the film industry. Very talented when it comes to creativity. Very humourous also. He is such a nice guy that whenever he sees a poor child begging , his heart melts and always spares some cash for them ( even for Nehal). He has his own production company which has realeased many morphed music videos, named Apple Motion Pictures.)

Kevin (Civil; aka Kaivish; apna 5th 6th 7th Std ka best pall. One of my school buddies who i was supposed to stay in Palghar with. A very cute and friendly pesron , with a boy-next-door image . But he is the laziest person alive. People call him 'Kaivish' because he posseses superpowers(brother of Krish). Trust me fellows,he can actually fly!!)

Rishab (EXTC; aka Chotu; The shortest but quite an active member of our group. A good footballer also. Channel V the player, playboy, name it all!, every name suits him, although a few prefer tocall him 'slum kid' :P . Tries to act stylish at times. And has a habit of talking rubbish(wen he's high).lol )

Amit (Civil; aka Bhaji; nice guy, always keeps telling me stories about first year. When he grows his hair it actually looks fake.)

Vismay ( IT; aka Gutter; a happy-go-lucky guy from agashi. There is never a time come, when i have actually seen this guy sad. No matter what, there is always a smile on his face. Even if he fails to get a job in the IT sector , i am quite sure he will get one in the advertisment industry for toothpastes :P . Overall a timepass person and a decent footballer. )

Dipen (Civil; aka LePees; The only guy from our group who has a GF from college itself currently. Has a very weired accent. Has a very wiered sense of attitude (just a saying, 'when a cat closes its eyes, it thinks that the world aint looking at him':P )

Shreyas (Civil; aka Dentist; There is not a single girl in college, which this dude hasnt flirted with. Thats not all,he has even reached the pharmacy department But all in all,a very lively and comical guy. Always happy and lives life to the fullest)

Marvin (IT; aka Narcotics ; people say he is gay )

Hiten (Civil aka chicken noodles; he steels peoples headphones. Lol)

Abilash (Civil aka Bhaiya; A really nice and supportive person. He tries to induce humour in every sentence of his, although it takes time for people to actually comprehend his jokes. Always looks at the positive side of life.)

Wensley (IT: aka Painter babu: No matter what time of the day,week or month it is , this dude always has a cap on him. Has a habit of randomly saying 'yoyoyo' whenever he feels jobless. and he too has stamerring problems. YOYOYO!! (Upar wala bhale wrong hojaye ,lekin wensley kabhi wrong nahi hota... :P ))

Darren (Civil aka Popot; He is so delicate, that we even think twice before shaking hands with him, for the fear that it may actually break off. Very quite,thin and miserable person.)

Shashank (EXTC; aka Lele; We are still confused to which group this chap belongs too. We see him with different class groups daily. As Gandhi followed the principle of non-violence,lele follows the principle of non-groupism.)

Pranav (EXTC; aka Ek Minute; He is one of those , who has his own flat in palghar.He has the habit of repeating words twice every sentence. Extra hairy and sweats like a pig daily. But a nice guy and a good friend.)

And many others such as, Manish (EXTC; aka Ma ka...), Meldon (Comps aka Pingu), Binnie,Raunak, Dean, Irfan etc. Our group was the biggest in college

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