Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shackles of Sadness

Have you heard of sumthing very noisy and attractive, cheerfull and full of laughter outside but. . . . . Yet silent, locked, damaged and shattered but yet significant from within inside? If Not, then take a trip into my Heart and find out the real definition of sadness, heartbreak, how miserable it could feel, uncertainities of life and hopelessness. This sure, is most of  the individuals life in todays world. A Big screen of the cheerful world on the outer side while being the quietest of all in the corner of the  world in my own heart. Those broken pieces of missing someone ,sumthings of life that meant too much to us  but got nothing back. Life reaches a standstill in total darkness. Wonder how this darkness will ever reach the sunlight of future happiness. Its like you cannot see the light even when its there ; For the darkness that surrounds us is so thick that its suppressin all rays of hope and belief, trust , honesty and loyalty.
The past that has taken a hard outcome to even start trusting people that tell you that they mean much to you or care for you.  They sure do care! But no one reaches the  goal post to the end. So why waste "YOUR" true feelings for sumone who cant stick true, right from the start to the end ? No more blind belief and no more of  trusting their mind setup. Making you feel like your in the "Land of Nowhere." Wishing this was an unconscious experience. Would kill half of  whats been dying in there. A soul left chained wandering with shackles of oppression. Please free me for a moment ! Let me breathe new life out there ! Hoping sumday there'll be some one who travels by giving it her all for me, removes the thick blanket of darkness and gets the sunlight out forever; NOT for  TEMPORARY OR FAKE SAKE. But somebody that's ready to stand by you for ever always. Right from the start to the journey of "Our End". Ready to give it her all and never leave my side uptill "Our End." "Acceptance" and "True Love" is what happiness lies under. Yet, this shackled life  yearns for just 'Eternal Happiness.'
This World's a Mean Life !

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