Wednesday, June 22, 2011


No no, its not the marriage ones i am talking about. Today i spent a day on the now expired website orkut. Was going through my old scraps as nostalgia moments filled my head. Anyways one feature that Orkut has that facebook doesn't is that of the testimonials, where you can write about what you think of a certain friend. Dont know what to post about and as the blog has become quite inactive lately ,so decided to share some I received on my old home website Orkut.

Lester is one of my oldest & most trustworthy friends....he was also in my class...we shared a lot of gr8 moments together....he was one d coolest guy d class.....hope v still b frnds forever......

Lester is a gr8 friend & a fantastic companion i know him since we began our schooling days..... hes trustworthy & smart as well.... i hope tht he continues to be as he is, simple and kind throught his life......all the best......buddy..

i know Lester frm a year.....he eats, drinks n sleep futball!!! hes totaly football freak lyk me!! he a simple guy who luvs watching German league....die hard Bayern Munich supporter n hard core klose fan!! i luv chattin with him......i never get bored of him......hes 1 of ma gud 4ends on orkut....really trustworthy n gud natured guy.......vry vry unique!! m lucky 2 av a rare n lovin 4end lyk u!! hope v remain friends 4ever!! may u find success in watever u do.........njoy lyf!

After being classmates for almost an year, I’ve known little bout Lester. Evaluating him was not so difficult and I guess dis must probably do it..... start wit, Lester is da most laziest person I ‘ve ever come across. Its jus coz of ppl lyk me who jhelofyd all his nakhras (lyk nt goin to da Xerox centre to collect the notes, not drawing graphs nd diagrams in da assignments by himself) so dat he could finish all his submissions on tym. During the university exams and vivas, wen all the students’ r busy studying till da last moment, I’ve seen Lester wandering around in da college corridors. A person wit marvelous power of persuasion….!! “main itni dur borivali se aata hu..” and “sun …… mera ek kaam karegi??” are his occasionally said words. He’s quite good at switching random topics and den talk over it for hours continuously. Although I used to find it annoying in da beginning but den slowly I discovered it was fun fighting wit him over silly reasons.Talking bout da academics, Maths sucks him to da core, followed by edc and ewt. He’s very much addicted to social networking. He can actually nauseate ppl by arguing on topics lyk “hw lyf in Bombay Is more royal as compared to Thane!.  At tyms, he goes quiet. But as soon he hears words such as “football” nd “Germany” , he goes absolutely crazy .These words themselves charges him wid a potential of a million volts and den u end up listening all da praises of his favorite footballer and his favorite football club. According to him, FOOTBALL is the only thing for which he has been sent to earth for. Although being an Agno….., he believes only in his football god, ‘MIROSLAV KLOSE’. But since Klose is heading towards his retirement…his den football is gonna b ‘Bastian Schweinsteiger’. All in all, a die hard fan of Klose and Bayern Munich, Lester is a football freak and also the one who told me more bout football than ny1 else would. He’s too blunt and dat makes him most admirable. He’s da one who has always been criticizing me rite from da start and has eventually been successful in bringing b4 my eyes ‘the extremely self-centered me!’ .Glad to have u !! Best wishes for ur brite and succesfull future ahead !! God bless u……!! Cheer's to our friendship...!!!!

lester...nice frnd...he's cool, loving ,friendly n extremely polite....he is unique in his own way....he also mixes well wid any person....well.....he is a gr8 guy to hang out wid....he likes to jus speak out wat he is thinking n thus he is a gr8 entertainer for all......he is also very good in his studies....but whatever he does he is all girlz out there if u looking for a nice beautiful diamond(not dat expensive) den do check him out cos he is a extremely good guy to be with...
in short 2 explain lester in 7 words n 1 letter..."HE IS COOL TO BE A FRND WID"..ester.....d sweetest frnd ive met..!!! down to earth n so aaddoorraabbllee!!!..u cn seriously fall in luv wid him(many ppl already r!!)he's bcum a lil more mad lately buh dts nt a makes him evn cute!!hs an amazin sense of fashion n noes to luk d bst!!!.....
v still hv a long way to go ...lottsa masti n funn!!hooppee....v never go apart....n remain frndz forever!!..cute frnd.. keep smiling alwayzz.... :)

 I know they write in poor vocab and sms'ish format , but thats how most of us back in the old days were.

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