Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Statistics

This is something i should have written about a month ago considering today is nearly a year and a month later. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, college life refrains me from keeping my blog up-to date. This purpose of this post is to give you  the stats for the articles i have written upto now.

Starting with the amount of page views- 
Pageviews all time - 5,278
Average per month - 400
Average per day - 20
As seen in the above figure my highest pageviews occoured between the months of June to September. July alone recorded to a totol of 1288 pageviews.

Pageviews by Countries

India - 1317
US - 931
Germany - 663
UK - 235
Russia - 131
Followed by Canada, Malaysia, Singapore etc

The Article with the most amount of hits was-

1,013 Pageviews

Followed by Addicted to Social Networking ,  Miroslav Klose German Legend, FC Bayern Mia San Mia and Dedicated to Meldon Sampey all managing to get 100+ pageviews. The reason the article was such a hit , was because a famous German football writer retweeted it on twitter managing to get an approx of 900 pageviews on a single day. Also a German football fansite posed it in one of their articles giving it worldwide publicity.

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