Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Letter to a Lost Friend

We shared our joys and sorrows
We'd laugh and sometimes cry
Does pain lie in our tomorrows?
Was our friendship just a lie?

You used to give me the sunshine
Your smile brightened my day
Now I find you don't have the time,
So why do I bother to stay?

My tears are like raindrops
We shouldn't have to cry anymore
Somewhere the crying stops,
If happy days were here like before.

Your dreams seem too important
Than having me around
You want me to always smile,
And wear the fake face of a clown.

I cherished the beautiful times we had
And the dreams we once did share
You gave them all up and I got sad-
To think you now don't care.

How can you say you need me,
When each day you are saying good-bye?
You don't realize, but I know it,
So why do you bother to lie?

I held on so tight;
I smothered you with my tears.
But I found out the other night,
I'm wasting a lot of years.

You know I still love you;
The love of a friend never dies.
I cannot say I hate you,
Or I would be telling a lie.

Why do we make these mistakes?
How many tears does it take?
Don't you know it takes two;
For a friendship to stay new?

I'm willing to give you a chance,
If it's worth the try.
I'm sorry if I cannot be what you want...
For I truly do not want to be shy.

Say you'll take me as I am,
For all the good and bad...
For without you near,
Eternally I'll be so sad.
By Lisa MRK


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