Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uli Hesse Lichtenberger

When i started of supporting the German NT, Bayern or the whole Bundesliga as a league in general, i used to spend alot of time surfing for articles on the internet which could catch my imagination to the beautiful world of German football. Blogs,websites,columns,forums or even wikipedia. Reading was all i used to do all day. Of writers who cover the bundesliga, three would easily stand out to be not only mine, but almost everyone's top favorite. Raphael Honigstein , Clark Whitney, and the one and only Uli Hesse Lichtenberger!!
Uli Hesse Lichtenberger
 Uli Hesse Lichtenberger was born in 1966 in Dortmund, Germany. He is a freelance writer , editor and author who writes on football. Since 2002 he has been he is a regular columnist for ESPNsoccernet.
As by now you may have already known how big of a Klose worshiper i am. And so it happened during Euro 2008, i was surfing the internet on Germany's performances when i came across a article on Klose by Uli. So much was the elegance, beauty and the method of it being presented, all i can say is that i was an instant fan of him. I ended up reading each and every article that he had posted on the soccernet website (Read his archive here) . It was like he knew absolutely everything regarding German football and the stories he presented were all an extremely great read.
Being a regular reader of his magnificent articles since then , i was made aware of one of his books published in English. 'Tor!-The Story of German Football' . Ever since 2008 i have been trying to get my hands on it, however it took me 3 years until i could finally call my self a proud owner of what i would say , The Bible of German Football. It was my 21st Birthday while i came across the availability of the book on an Indian shopping website (Flipkart). Before this the only place i used to see the book available was on Amazon , and living in India , it would be a whole lot tough in getting it here considering the extra shipping charges to be levied on an unemployed student. Thanks to Flipkart it was finally made possible , with me placing an order on 1st may 2011 paying 643 Rupees back then. It took 14 days for its arrival, but was well packed and without any damage. Within a days time i had already finished reading it.
My copy of UHL's book
 Its a must read for anyone who is a fan of German football. It doesnt matter if your a club or a NT supporter as the book carries the background of both combined. It starts of from Germany in the early 1800's followed by how clubs were named and ends with a rejuvenated Germany's exit from WC02 laying down paths for a new multi-ethnic German society.This history of football in Germany is well written, funny and tragic. There were so many things that I learnt from this. From the way teams were named and originated to stories that just make you laugh out loud and others that reduce you to tears.This book proves that there is more to German football than Bayern Munich. It shows how team rose and fell and how the game developed from an "unpatriotic" and "foreign" one into a world beater. As the time magazine described it
" Beautifully crafted...Demolishes myths with the cold-blooded efficiency of a literary Gerd Muller"

As of now i have written three articles on German football, all which have been greatly influenced by UHL's columns on Soccernet as well as his book. All i can do is be thankful to people like him through which i have i learned soo much, and still looking forward for more of his articles

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