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Lester Ervine Walter Pereira was born on 10th May 1990 in Bombay. He is a die hard Bayern Munich and Miroslav Klose fan. He is also a social network addict.
He has competed his SSC in St Francis D'assisi and has a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Sardar Vallabhai Patel Polytechnic. He is currently pursuing his BE in Electronics and Telecommunication from St John College of Engineering and Technology.

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OK.. here goes...

The Basics -

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 183 cms

Religious Views: Confused

My Favorites -

Favorite Color: Green, Black

Favorite Movie: LOTR Triology

Favorite Hobby: Gamin

Favorite School Subject: History  

Favorite Vacation Destination: Germany

Favorite Food: Anythin spicy

Favorite Animal: uhh..Cheetah?

Favorite Store: whats that?

Favorite Memory: huh?...pissoff

Favorite Baby Name: what?

Favorite Person In Your Life: Miroslav Klose?

This or That -

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Coke or Pepsi: Beer

Beer or Wine: O...F**K

Coffee or Tea: Milkshake?

Apple Juice or O.J.: dont care

Windows or Mac: ..groan*

Cats or Dogs: Cats..they know when not to bark my brain out..

Rain or Shine: Rain..

Chips or Popcorn: next..

Salty or Sweet: Sweet

Plane or Boat: Spacecraft

Morning or Night: Night

Movie or Play: Play

Walk or Drive: dont care

Money or Love: Love? hahahaha

Breakfast or Dinner: Both

Forgiveness or Revenge: Rampage

Paint or Wallpaper: ..next..

Do You? -

Have Any Pets: ..does my pc count?

Have Any Children: yea..must be a few out there..

Smoke: no

Drink: move on..

Exercise: ..is this thing over?

Sports Team: Bayern Munich..(dont know what it is?..go jump off a high tower..)

Belong To Any Organizations: yea..the Corleone family..sheesh..

Love: move on..move on

Do you Cook: Does making Maggi count??

Play An Instrument: The Keyboard  

Sing or Dance: No

Speak Multiple Languages: yes

Swim: Nope..

Paint: Draw...when i am bored in class..

Have You Ever -

Got Caught Telling A Lie: yep

Littered: sure..

Fantasized About A Girl: Whatelse is there to do..?

Cheated On A Test: maybe.....is this thing over yet?

Late for class: ..always..

Eaten Food Off The Floor: what?

Stuck Gum Under A Desk: no..next..

Wished You Were Someone Else: ..yes..right now..

Other -

Famous Person You Want To Meet: Miroslav Klose

Describe Yourself In One Word: Bored

Biggest Fear: more questions?..now pissoff..

Biggest Mistake: ..hahaha..these stupid questions!..

Your Proudest Accomplishment: ..keepin my sanity..

#1 Priority In Your Life: ohh..i dunno....gettin this over with!..  

Dream Job: Billionare Playboy

Causes You Believe In: Cloning..

Special Talents: am super quick in gettin bored?..does that count?

Where Are You Right Now: ..in front of my pc..answerin stupid questions

Where Would You Rather Be: anywhere but here..  

Personal Statement: Addicted to Sports ( mainly Football ) - ( golf is no sport ), I hate golf, Music Lover, G A M E R and Bayern addict ;)

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