Saturday, July 11, 2015

Farewell Football God (A letter to a Bayern Friend Shattered by Basti's Departure)

I know that it's heart breaking for you. Now that it's official, that Bastian is gone. I can also understand all the emotions attached to him, and how shattered you maybe at moment. So am I, although it's nothing as much as emotional as you may be at the moment .  Everyone in the Bayern community are shattered. Just like you and me.
I mean Basti was the symbol of Bayern. Both him and Lahm, youth products of our beloved club. Around 18 years he spent here. The true breed of Bavarian blood, that he still is.
I know we all wished that he'd stay. Retire here, at his boyhood club. But as you already know, that the world is not a wish granting factory na?
In football club culture, players come and go. And I know this one is a big loss for us all.  But it's really something we gotta live with and move on.
I mean let's look at it from a different perspective. Not from a fans eye, but a more logical one.

1. As long as I have been following Basti, I understand that from all the interviews I have seen him give, he has never been shy in admitting that one day he would like to play abroad. I mean it was his wish.

2. He is soon to be 31, he has a few years left in top flight football, if he wishes for a new challenge than so be it.

3. Talking about the salary issue that I see some papers report, all I can say is that a footballer has only small span in their lives where they have to earn as much as to sustain them for the rest of their lives.

4. He is now the captain of the German national team. Euro 2016 will be is last tournament, he has to get more playing time, to prepare himself, and what better place than United where they have a non existent midfield. And of course Luis Van Gaal. Bastian owes him alot in some way.

5. I remember before 2010 when Bastian was just a usual winger, inconsistent and at times immature. Then along came Luis Van Gaal, our new coach,  he took Bastian from the wings,  and gave him a new role in Central midfield, and made him the leader he is today, made an ordinary player to a world class midfield player.  If he thinks he has a better opportunity, and more playing time in LVG's team,  then it's not just good for him, but good for the National team as well. I mean as much as we may hate United, we do love the  German NT, don't we?

 6. And I still recall that season in 2010, Bastian was now a world class midfielder, he had just 1 year left on his contract.  There were many big clubs behind him.  And honestly that was the first time I and many fans thought that he would be gone. Remember his wish?
But on the last match of the season, when all hope was lost,  he came out and announced that he would be staying. I will never forget that magical night. He could have left, if he wanted.  But he knew he still had lot more good years left, He was at his peak. And he gave it to Bayern, his childhood club.
To be honest, he is getting older, and maybe he himself knew that he would not be able to give us his best anymore.

7. This may sound a bit odd, but you do know his GF right. And going by a recent few media reports, they say that he and Ana have already tied the knot. He is 30,  and maybe it's time he felt he'd settled down. Almost all of his team mates have. Maybe this is also big contributing reason. AFIK Anna has a chain of stores in the UK.

All I want to say that, in the end, it was His decision, and we gotta respect that. It was his choice, and I'm sure he has put a lot of thinking into it., no matter how much we wished that he'd stay back.

 I hate Manchester from the bottom of my heart, but that wouldn't stop me from watching him play, week in and week out.  Just wishing that he still has it in him, come euro 2016. And I'd be more than happy to see him teach those over rated English midfield Fucks, what's it like to be a real midfielder.

I know it will take some time for it to rub in.  I really hope you understand this side as well.
He will always be a symbol of Bayern, a club legend, he has won everything that Germany had to offer,  and now with just a few years left he just wants to experience something new.
And please don't cry.  Don't ever wipe that smile off your face.. Just know that it was his decision
And it's not like he is gone forever.
Mark my words, one day he will return, a member of the Bayern board or some other rold at the club.  But he will return, they always do.
He will always have that Bayern blood

Mia San Mia.
I hope you get over it, as soon as possible, and try not to make it affect you too much on a personal level that it may interfere in your day to day life.

Just know. That it was for his best.......

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