Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Video Diaries

Finally I'm up and kickin with my own video blog posts. College has ended, the AMP crew no longer exists. That's an end to the brilliant Amal Baiju magic that was always a part of this blog. here's wishing him all the luck and success for his future endeavors. However if by chance he does come up with a new one, it will feature here for sure.

On a brighter side, i have got 2 lovely movie maker software's at my disposal. I may not have have the creative genius of Mr Baiju, but learning is always the part of the trade. Now to actually wonder how far this fad will go. The first movie that i had made was back in diploma days, about a fight in my class. Lol. I had uploaded it on youtube , although i had to take it down later due to the violent and vulgar abuse content in it.

So here is for a new beginning. And new video memories for the trips i undertake or all the memories worth reliving.

The first and foremost, the most memorable trip of my life. It was undertaken the same year i began this blog. I still regret the fact that i didn't write a blog post on it back then. Although faint memories remain, the post will be just too long to write about. For starters it was almost a 10 day trip to the south of India. the first stop being Chennai Central, followed by Vailankani and Nagapatnam in Tamil Nadu, and later on further south towards Kerala, first stop being Angamaly our base, then Kochi, and finally the most beautiful place i have ever been to, Munnar. A trip with too many memories and adventures to ever try and fit into one single blogpost. So here is a small video teaser. the least i could manage. Just a start for many more to follow

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