Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bitch Please

I usually don't post such stuff on my blog but this one has to be an exception here. I somehow someway had to get this story out. It's been on my mind for many days now and I really didn't know how to frame it while talking about it with my friends.

It happened on 15th Feb 2014, a day after valentines day.I was sitting at McDonalds when the following event unfolded.

Scene: McDonald's, balcony.

Four girls sitting right beside me on the opposite table. Arguing about this guy who likes one of them. Me and a friend gorging on our French fries.

Girl 1: Shit I can't believe he likes me! How can he even think I like him back?! That nuthead.
Girl 2: See I told you stay away from him. No guy is good.
Girl 3: They all just want one thing. And we know what.
Girl 4: But how did he just like you all of a sudden! And how did he think you like him?! Weirdo

Girl 1: (At the top of her damned voice!) All I did was go out with him a few times cause he asked me. I used to meet him some evenings. Went for a movie once. Okay I held his hand just once. Okay yes, I pecked him on his cheek when I am happy. And I told him once that he was the best guy I ever knew. But how
could he think I like him?! Bloody dog!

Girl 3: Creep

And I'm just sitting there like, "Yes. All guys are the same. We usually end up the dog, because there a good number of bitches like you around the place!"

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